Online Casino and Internet Poker Awareness Campaign

It has been reported that an underage school boy was granted access to an online casino and wasted 7,000 British Pounds that belonged to his father on online poker websites. This story shows the importance of the websites’ vigilance against underage gambling and the importance of identity verification. The schoolboy only who is only twelve years old now will have his story used in a campaign to warn other young and underage boys from the dangers of internet gambling.

When the child was interviewed, he said that he was introduced to internet poker through a school friend of his who showed him how to download games on his mobile phone. It first started with playing against his friends at school using fake currencies, but when he started to win it big he decided to go to the next level and to play for real money. This is when he stole his father’s CC and he registered fraudulently on poker websites and used the CC to play online.

It only took him 7 days to waste seven thousand British Pounds that belonged to his father on poker websites. The more he lost, the more he bid to cover his loses and the more he lost. His father found out what was going on when he was using his CC and it was declined as it was maxed out.

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