Ohio May Get Racetrack Slot Machines

Ohio May Get Racetrack Slot Machines

What’s round on both ends and hi in the middle? Ohio! What state is taking it’s first steps towards expanding its gambling laws? Ohio!

If the Ohio Lottery Commission has it’s way, Ohio racetracks could be offering their customers more than the excitement of a horse race. They may be able to add slot machines.

The Lottery Commission

The Lottery Commission hasn’t decided on many key points, like the amount of money the state would see from the advent of racetrack slot machines or how many will be at each race track. However, preliminary numbers indicate that there could be 17,500 slot machines available to Ohio residents should this come to fruition.

Money and Slot Machines

But Ohio is in need of money and slot machines could be the answer to their revenue woes. It’s estimated that the slot machines could generate as much as $900 million for state coffers. That’s a pretty good chunk of change for a state that may be short about $8 billion in the coming years.

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