Ohio Casino to be looked at More Closely

Ohio Casino to be looked at More Closely

One of the most interesting things about politics in the United States is what can happen when people actually get together in order to look at a particular issue. For example, the recent issue in Ohio is about a $600 million project for a proposed casino resort creation in an area of the state known as Clinton County. The casino, if approved, would effectively be constructed between Columbus and Cincinnati, allowing people from both cities to easily travel to the casino anytime they wanted to gamble. It is an issue of convenience as well as an issue of increasing state revenues and for that reason many of the officials in the state were behind the initial idea for a casino.

However, there are many people in the state that are against casinos as well and of course there are many social conservative groups in the state that are leading the charge to make sure that this casino proposal never actually reaches the light of day. Negative campaigning has already started and since the public image of casinos is quite low at the moment, it is expected that if the social conservative groups can mount an effective negative campaign against the issue, it will fail at the ballot when the next election rolls around.

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However, getting to the present point is a lot more than many people thought would happen initially. The original idea was for a casino spanning approximately 220,000 square feet, allowing for the placement of thousands of slot machines, a hotel with thousands of rooms and of course hundreds of table games available as well. This gigantic project was well intentioned but of course it was not something that could just come about quickly and it was a controversial issue almost from the time the actual idea was proposed.

This did not stop the people that wanted the casino however as they went about collecting as many signatures as possible on a petition to bring the issue before the voters of the state on an election ballot. The threshold of signatures required for such a ballot question to appear is 402,275 signatures in the state of Ohio. According to Jennifer Brunner who is the Secretary of State for Ohio, the petition in question actually contained 480,003 signatures that the office considers valid. In other words, it managed to reach that threshold as well as getting signatures from 80 out of 88 Ohio counties. The second requirement was that a certain threshold be met in at least 44 counties and the petition met those same threshold requirements in 77 counties, showing that there is a lot of interest out there in this idea.


So, the people that were supposed to fail right off the bat have already succeeded well beyond what anyone believed. Winning the ballot question on Election Day in November is going to be a different barrel of fish however and one can only wait and see what happens in the state on that day.

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