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There are many gambling issues that are going to be on the ballots of various states as they gear up to vote on November 4th, but at the same time there are also many people that are hoping all of these ballots get defeated. One ballot question in particular that has not received previous attention is the one on Ohio that would see $600 million put aside from the creation of a casino resort facility in Clinton County. This facility would feature not only casino gambling, but also things like a spa and salon as well as everything else people would expect out of a typical casino resort gaming experience of the modern United States.

The current company that would be in line to create the casino if the ballot question passed on Election Day is Lakes Entertainment. One of the main executives of that particular company is a man named Jack Malislow and according to him the plan that the company has for the casino at the moment is a plan that will do quite a bit for Ohio. He claims that the casino will not only provide people with easy access to gambling without having to drive long distances both ways, but that the casino will also provide people with jobs that are above the median income of Ohio in a lot of cases. He projected that there will be at least 5000 jobs creased by the new casino as well as about 15,000 people attracted to the casino as a result of the building just being there. This, if true, would represent much needed out-of-state income for the government and it would also increase the tourism revenue of the state.

However, not everyone in the state agrees with the assessment of Mr. Malislow. One person that disagrees is Robert Walgate. Walgate is one of the executives of the organization that is spearheading the campaign to make sure Issue 6 fails when it gets to the voters of Ohio. His main argument is not the social conservative argument that is usually parroted against such ballot concerns, but rather that the cost of creating the casino is not really worth it. The combination of fiscal uncertainty, the current credit crisis and the lack of a guarantee able to be offered by Lakes Entertainment is a powerful combination and it is one that has very much advanced the argument that Mr. Walgate is attempting to put forward.

Needless to say, they can’t both be right. Malislow and Walgate represent two ends of the issue and many voters are very likely somewhere in between. $600 million is a lot of money and for that reason this casino expansion needs to be taken far more seriously than if it were a private company setting up a private casino. Ultimately however, neither Malislow nor Walgate will be the most important factor, as it is the voters of Ohio that will decide the fate of this casino operation when they go to the polls in November to vote on this and other things as well.

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