New Jersey’s Lesniak Introduces Online Gambling Bill

Casino BankingNew Jersey’s Lesniak Introduces Online Gambling Bill

Bills to legalise online gambling have been popping up all around the country. Washington, D.C. has legalized it. Massachusetts has a bill pending and Iowa is studying the issue. New Jersey is reintroducing a bill which would make it the first state to legalise online gambling.
Earlier this year, the bill passed both the New Jersey house and senate, but was vetoed in March by Gov. Chris Christie. Raymond Lesniak, the New Jersey senator who originally introduced the bill, was not going to reintroduce it unless Christie guaranteed that he would not veto it again. Christie has not made that promise, but Lesniak still introduced the bill again, but with some changes.
Lesniak said the bill addresses some of the concerns expressed by Christie when he vetoed the bill in March. The biggest change is including wording designed to prevent online gambling cafes from springing up around the state.
The changes may not be enough to change Christie’s stance on the bill.

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