New Jersey to Endorse Skyrocketing Online Gambling Industry

New Jersey to Endorse Skyrocketing Online Gambling Industry

The online gambling industry often takes on proportions of its own regardless of what lawmakers do and for this reason people that have gone on idealistic crusades to rid the world of what they see as being the evils of online gambling often end up looking foolish in the face of reality. This makes sense to most of the observers as on one side of the argument you have social conservatives that very rarely make sense on issues in terms of practical solutions to problems and on the other side of the argument you have reality and the idea that we should just live and let live in terms of online gambling and quite frankly any other activity or voluntary association between people that does not hurt or unfairly treat one of them in the process without their consent.

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Online gambling falls squarely under this mandate since it involves a more convenient method of gambling for most people and one by one the state governments are starting to get this even at the same time that the federal government is going for one last gas crackdown on the gambling industry in the country during the last month of the Bush Administration.

New Jersey is just the latest to state to get the fact that the online gambling trend is one that is not going to go away no matter what lawmakers do. They could even ban online gambling outright at this stage and so many people would end up resorting to illegal online gambling activities as a result that authorities would be forced to throw even more people into jail for offences that are controversial at best and downright trivial at worst. New Jersey has just released a report in which they detail the rise of online gambling.

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According to information provided by the state government in this report, they expect that the online horse racing industry in New Jersey took approximately $200,000 more worth of bets in 2009 than they did in 2008, an increase that will very likely allow them to hit the $9 million milestone. At the same time however, they acknowledge the fact that the overall gambling industry vis-à-vis horse racing betting in New Jersey is expected to decline next year, which essentially means that the online gambling industry is making these gains in spite of the poor condition of the overall market. There are very few industries that have that ability, but time and time again the online gambling industry has shown that it is indeed one of them.

It seems that many of the other states, notwithstanding major battles in places like Kentucky and Florida over gambling rights, have already recognized the shift towards online gambling and are not trying to legislate against it. With that kind of pressure, it will be difficult for the Obama Administration to continue the policies of the Bush Administration and at some point their hand may be forced into placing regulation on these industries at the same time that they legalize them.

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