New Betting Shop Proposal Concerns

A new betting shop bid for Bournemouth Square is set to go before councilors on May 7th, 2013.  An application for a betting premises license has been submitted by The Betfred Bookmakers for the Old Santander Bank at Old Christchurch Road.  Although the application has brought about objections from Bob Chapman, the towns centre councilor who fears that it will create a “bad image” for the town. 

The chair of Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce, Mandy Payne, has been stated to say that she sees the towns centre as mostly retail business and feels that a gambling shop will not fit into the current atmosphere here.  She does not want to see gambling shops in the towns centre at all because she feels they will take over the way the town centre is currently.

Betfred has submitted a response to the licensing committee stating that there is not any evidence validating the Cllr Chapman’s concerns and fears about putting a gambling shop at this location.  The Betfred Bookmakers do not believe that putting a gambling shop at this location would put any vulnerable persons or children at risk since this does not seem to be happening at their current locations in other town centres.

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