Nevada Preparing for Public Workshops Regarding Online Gaming

US Government Online Gambling LawsNevada Preparing for Public Workshops Regarding Online Gaming

Nevada is closer to legalizing Internet poker this week. Drafts of regulations from the Nevada Gaming Control Board were released on Wednesday. These regulations would allow the launch of legal Internet poker sites in accordance with the bill that has already been passed in the Nevada legislature.

The regulations cover such items as approvals for technology and the enrollment of customers. These regulations will have to go through a number of regulatory workshops which will allow the public to propose revisions and amendments to the regulations. The first of the workshops will take place on September 26.

The state wants to be flexible enough to be able to bring their regulations in line with federal regulations should any pass in the future.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board hopes to establish high standards that will allow the players to have as much confidence in the online games as they do in land-based gaming.

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