Nevada Law Firm Supports Online Poker

Las Vegas CasinosNevada Law Firm Supports Online Poker

One of the biggest law firms in Nevada has recently given its support to the state in its quest to help the federal government legalize online gambling and poker. The gaming regulators in this state hope to have a base structure set up by the beginning of next year, which would put them ahead of Congress. If they succeed in doing so, it will secure them a spot in helping to shape how Internet poker would be regulated by both the federal government and help to set standards for the rest of the country.

Gaming Regulators and Online Poker

It would also set a location for many online poker companies to set up headquarters, and if this happens the state would be set to gain a large profit in tax revenue. Furthermore, when such legislature is passed it opens up a new level of business opportunities for such mega-corporations as Yahoo and Google.

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