Network to Reignite Online Gambling Industry

Craig’s Casino Blog Network to Reignite Online Gambling Industry

There can be no question whatsoever that the last few days have not been good ones for the online gambling industry as a whole. The US government has once again stepped up efforts to crack down on internet gambling inside their borders and they have done so with aggressive and in some cases absolutely frightening attacks on people within their borders that they felt were violating the law. At the same time however, the government has been ignoring criticism of current legislation, leading many in the online gambling industry to change their tone from optimistic to pessimistic just a couple of months after the efforts of Barney Frank in the Congress had led many to believe that a sane strategy towards online gambling was forthcoming. With losses on these two major fronts seeming to be quite large at the moment, one could hardly blame people that are pro online gambling from feeling a little bad and maybe sleeping in a little the day after receiving all the news.

Amidst that however, there is one thing that pro online gambling people still have to be happy about. That one thing is that the online gambling industry, in spite of all of the hatred and abuse directed at it by the federal government of the United States, is nevertheless one of the fastest if not the fastest growing industries in the world and yes even within the borders of the United States of America. In fact, it is one of the few industries that have not suffered massive losses as a result of the worldwide financial crisis and because of that people that are pro online gambling still have a lot to be thankful about in spite of the short term fluctuations that the government has created in the world of online gambling.

That little fact of constant gains was brought home to many in the online gambling industry today by the launch of Craig’s Casino Blog Network. This is an interesting network that includes five new blogs that keep an eye on the online gambling industry. Specifically, the five blogs on Craig’s Casino Blog Network are focused on tracking the online gambling industry in detail. They are putting such large detail into their tracking in fact that this is really more of an experiment than anything else. Such large detail requires heavy resources to maintain and for that reason many people will be watching to see if such a business model can work in the online gambling industry. If it turns out to be solvent, the end result will be that Craig’s Casino Blog Network will have revolutionized the online gambling industry and will have shown that this industry is here to stay with enough people that enjoy following the day-to-day progress of news and events within the industry.

A success with this particular blog network would also spell doom for the plans of the US government, especially if it turns out that the success was due in large part to traffic from computers located within that country.

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