Navajo Casino Opens in New Mexico

Navajo Casino Opens in New Mexico

There are many casinos in the world today that are struggling against the grind of the credit crunch. In times of economic recession casinos tend to do better as people tend to gamble more often but in times of total economic meltdown and complete credit crunch even the casinos begin to feel it. There are casinos all over the world that are going out of business and cutting back on their amenities in order to save money. Amidst the generally depressing milieu that represents casino life in the present day and age however there are still inspirational stories to be told. One of those stories is the story of the Navajo Casino that just opened in the great state ofNew Mexico.

Morale at the Casino

The casino is known as the Fire Rock Casino and according to its Chief of Staff Patrick Sandoval it is a long-awaited project that will hopefully inject a large amount of cash into the tribe at a time when that cash is quite desperately needed. Sandoval said that the capacity of the casino was around 1,800 people but over 4,000 showed up for the opening day festivities at the casino. It was quite a bit more than the people at the casino were expecting and for that reason there were people that ended up waiting outside because there were already too many people inside the casino. That kind of opening is taken as an auspicious start and a sign that they are doing the right thing and for that reason the morale of the employees working at the Fire Rock Casino has already gone through the roof after just a short time at work.

In addition to raising the morale of the employees working at the casino, the Fire Rock Casino has also raised the morale of people all over the country that belong to the Navajo Tribe. The reason for this, according to Sandoval, is that the Fire Rock Casino represents the first casino in the Navajo Tribe. The people that guard the casino and provide all the services belong to the Navajo Tribe and because of that they are now allowed to go ahead and become self-sufficient while they create low-tax income for them and the other members of their tribe. As Sandoval very succinctly put it, “This is ours.”

This attitude is shared by other members of the tribe such as Andre Cordero who is the second in command of human resources within the Navajo Tribe. He gamed at the slot machines and ended up losing $20, but was happy to do so because he knew that the money would be going towards the maintenance and enhancement of the Navajo experience inNew Mexicoand elsewhere around the country.

Fire Rock Casino

The Fire Rock Casino has three main services in gambling that people can get. There are slot machines located all over the place and there are poker tables that people can go to if they would like to play something different. Fire Rock Casino also has a bingo hall where some good bingo action can be had.


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