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The leading software and game developer Mobile Deluxe, that is based in California in Santa Monica has announced a new game release. Mobile Deluxe already has a wide variety of popular and famous games on the market. For example Solitaire Deluxe and Big Win slots. Back to the new game, it is a free to play blackjack game that would be available for all of the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad users. And it will be called Big Win Blackjack. This game will contain tournament play and multi hand play feature which will fit well with both professional experienced players and amateur players.

Mobile Deluxe’s spokesman stated that the latest branded offering by the company, Big Win Blackjack is considered the first premium blackjack application that has the ability to each and enhance the skills of the players. This can be done by playing it on the new Professor Blackjack mode, which is a one of a kind mode that is available exclusively on this game. This mode will teach and coach the new players the rules and basics of Blackjack. It will also teach the users several strategies of counting cards which would help them win the big bucks. As for the game itself, it has advanced levels that would give the most experienced Blackjack players the challenge they want.

It also offers a Card Counting feature. This feature would highlight deck cards and status. This will give the users an idea on when is the next ace coming. This feature would help the players take in game decisions, like raising the bet or sticking with the same one. It also offers another helpful feature which is the Hand Advisor feature. This feature will supply the users with in game hints to help them win. For example, it would guide the players with their moves. It will tell them if they should split, double down, hit or Stand. This is a very handy tool in the hands of beginners and amateurs.

And if you are a player who loses all of his chips daily, you need not to worry. This game will supply the player with free chips every day. And it will also give extra chips to players with zero credit in their bank account. This would give the players the ability to play whenever needed in this ad sponsored virtual casino. And of course as any virtual casino game, players have the ability to buy more chips and the ability to play at higher stakes rooms in exchange of real money.

Mobile Deluxe’s CEO stated that this game will teach the players all what is needed about Blackjack. He also added that the game is filled with high quality graphics and a smooth game play to ensure maximum enjoyment for all the users.

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