Milestones in the World Series of Poker

World Series of Poker MilestonesMilestones in the World Series of Poker

This year marks a different milestone for Berry Johnston, who was the 1986 world champion.  This year Johnston is aiming to win his 11th Main Event cash prize, more than anyone has been able to achieve before, as well as marking the 25th anniversary of his win. Johnston has won a cash prize in at least one WSOP event every year since 1982; a 29 year winning streak.

Unfortunately Johnston was out in Day Four of play, making the next eligible tournament for him to continue his winning streak is the WSOP Europe in October. The European tournament has boasts seven more gold bracelet opportunities, and will be held in Cannes, France.

Only 215 players remain in the tournament after Saturday’s game play, a fraction of the number that started on the same day.  While many of the more popular names have already been eliminated, there is still a large number that are making a name for themselves.   Day Five proved to be a tough day for the previous day’s chip leader, Manoj Viswanathan,  dropping him to 25thplace and losing nearly 20% of his chip stack.  Just like any other year, the 2011 tournament proves to be an event showcasing the talents of poker players from around the world.  While the United States still has the most players in the tournament at 230, Canada, Great Britain, Germany and Russia have strong turnouts as well remaining, with at least 11 players from any country still in play.

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