Manoj Viswanathan of Brooklyn with 2 Mil Lead WSOP

Manoj ViswanathanManoj Viswanathan of Brooklyn with 2 Mil Lead WSOP

Only one player, Manoj Viswanathan of Brooklyn, NY, ended day for with a chip lead of over two million.  This is not Viswanathan’s first poker tournament however it is his first time reaching the cash milestone.

He is sure to be the feature of many television cameras when day five starts, and many people are looking forward to how he plays in the rest of the tournament. The highest-ranked former bracelet winner in this year’s tournament is Sam Barnhart, who is currently in second place.

Former WSOP champions Berry Johnston, Robert Varkonyi and Phil Hellmuth, Jr. have already been eliminated from the 2011 tournament.   Many other poker greats have been eliminated, but there are still plenty still in the tournament, including Daniel Negraneau.

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