Latest News About William Hill Casino and Sportingbet

Months ago, William Hill and its partner GVC decided to make a joint offer to buyout Sportingbet. Since that announcement and the three companies have been negotiating to close the deal. It seems that they have finally reached a decision as William Hill has announced that they were able to reach an agreement with Sportingbet.

William Hill stated that the revised proposal that they presented was agreed on and approved after a lot of negotiations. This deal valued the shares of Sportingbet at 56.1p per share. This means that the overall acquisition is going to cost them a total of 485 million pounds which means that the shareholders of Sportingbet are going to get 44.8p per share plus the 1.1p dividend in cash for every single share.

Some of the shareholders of Sportingbet such as Mark Blandford, DBS Advisors Limited and Henderson Global Investors Ltd along others have stated that they approve of the latest revised proposal.

William Hill on the other hand stated that this proposal is final and that the company will not change the value of the offer unless a 3rd comes forward and makes an official proposal to acquire Sportingbet. William Hill also gave the shareholders until the 18th of December in order to finish all of the discussions and to reach an agreement on the revised proposal.

William Hill has announced that it is going to exit the online gambling market of Greece.  William Hill stated that such decision is a direct result of the actions of the Gaming Commission of Greece as the commission has threatened the offshore gambling operators with legal sanctions if they do not leave the country. William Hill is the latest gambling operator to leave the country following a number of operators who left for the same reason. The first gambling operator that left the Greek market was Betfair. William Hill made that announcement on the 4th of December on the Greek website of William Hill.

This problem started in November as the Gaming Commission of the country asked the offshore gambling operators to exit the market. It also threatened them that any operators who do not comply with this request will face legal problems including prison sentences and fines. The gaming commission declared that the deadline for this exit is the 5th of December. This is why William Hill decided to leave the market one day before the deadline, the 4th of December.

The reason behind the actions of the commission is very clear. The government of Greece and the gaming commission are favoring its local gambling operator, the OPAP and they are helping them monopolize the market. OPAP is allowed to provide its services in the Greek market without having to acquire any licenses. The OPAP is also exempted from all of the laws and regulations of the country until 2030.

William Hill is without a doubt, one of the biggest if not the absolute biggest bookmaker in the United Kingdom and the world. William Hill is known for adding new games to its portfolio, releasing new products and offering new promotions & services. Here are some of the latest additions and new offerings by William Hill.

One of the new products is a product that is dedicated to the poker players as William Hill Poker has added casino styled side games for poker players. Apart from the new design that the operator applied to the website, it added a total number of fifty casino side games in order to provide players with diversity in their gambling options. Players will be able to enjoy this varied collection of games without having to leave their poker game. They will be able to access these games while waiting for the hand to end or for other players to play.

These games are very user friendly and can be accessed with ease due to the new design and layout of the website. Some of these games have the ability to reward players with high paying jackpots. Last but not least, players can also qualify for the freeroll of Side Games with a chance to win a part of 10,000 credits that are on offer every week. So players will earn a lot of money as they play their favorite game of poker.

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