Las Vegas Gambling

Las Vegas Gambling

Some Major Las Vegas Gambling Casinos


While there are many different recreational events available in Las Vegas for a person that knows how to have a good time, the city itself is defined by one thing and one thing only. That one thing is gambling. The city of Las Vegas has always been the gambling capital of the world. For the foreseeable future this trend will continue and therefore it is impossible to have a discussion about Las Vegas without mentioning gambling in some facet. To that end, here are two of the largest casinos in Las Vegas. These are casinos you will definitely want to visit when you go to the city to gamble.

The Horseshoe Casino

One of the most famous casinos not just in Las Vegas gambling but in the world is the Horseshoe Casino. This casino was created by Jack Binion, a man that has made millions of dollars in the gambling business as an entrepreneur. This particular casino has a rich tradition behind it and a storied history and for that reason it has withstood the test of time in a city where casinos tend to rise and fall like the tides.

The Horseshoe Casino has been responsible for hosting the World Series of Poker for most of its existence, only recently having relinquished that honor to the Rio mostly because of the fact that the event includes thousands of players in its modern format and would not fit in the Horseshoe. It does however remain one of the best casinos in Las Vegas and if you walk into it you will be standing on a piece of history.

The Golden Nugget Casino

People that are fans of Poker Superstars will recognize the Golden Nugget Casino as being the host for all of the different Poker Superstars television programs. As a casino it also happened to be one of the hosts of High Stakes Poker during the second season that the show was on the air. The Golden Nugget Casino does not have the same amount of history to it, but it makes up for that lack of history through putting forth a very good product.

Golden Nugget has put a lot of electronic assist into their casino operations and you can see it in card shuffling, video poker and even dealing in some cases with automatic dealers replacing the actual person when it comes to moving a particular table game along. The Golden Nugget Casino at the same time has made partnerships to host multiple recognizable poker television programs and in doing so has really endeared itself to the poker playing population. With all of these things taken into account, it is in a very good position to become the dominant Vegas casino at some point in the future.


There are many major casinos in Las Vegas that were left off this list. In addition to the Rio, there is also the Bellagio (the casino with the big poker game) and a few others as well. The main point to take from this is that when you visit Las Vegas gambling and intend to gamble, there will be many excellent options available to you.

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