Ladbrokes, 888 and Sportingbet

UK gambling newsLadbrokes, 888 and Sportingbet

Ladbrokes, a bookmaker, is currently in the process of trying to acquire Sportingbet, and online gambling company. They have announced that they will be giving an update on Thursday in regards to their progress in this matter. Ladbrokes first approached the company at the beginning of June about making an offer, and they have until the 17th of October to solidify their offer or else forfeit it. This is the second major acquisition Ladbrokes has attempted this year.

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They had tried making a deal with the gambling company 888 closer to the beginning of the year without any success. Sportingbet has a branch in Turkey, and is currently in the process of selling this part to the company Gaming VC. If that sale goes successfully then it is more likely that the Ladbroke’s offer will go through.


Ladbroke’s is currently looking to change the way people think of online gambling company’s and focus more on live betting rather than over the counter operations like many other bookies. They are also looking into changing up their mobile gaming to increase their revenue. They have already seen a 15% weekly increase from the beginning of the year, and the 2010 World Cup only had a small part to play in that. Betting has always thought to be a resilient industry, and has always been able to bounce back easily from any bad seasons it has seen.

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