Kentucky Horse Racing Slot Machines at Issue Once Again

Kentucky Horse Racing Slot Machines at Issue Once Again

With the Democrats having won in many places over the last election, it does appear as though a page is being turned on the rather disgraceful manner in which the Bush Administration handled the gambling industry. At times they were encouraging and at times they cracked down on it, ensuring that anyone involved in owning or running operations at one of these institutions had no idea what the government attitude was towards slot machines and gambling in general. However, there are many places that have already seen their own share of gambling legislation come and go and Kentucky has been one of those states. Up until now however, it had been soundly rejected, a move that Greg Stumbo is hoping to reverse this time around.

Slot Machines

Stumbo is a representative in the state house of representatives in Kentucky and he is well aware of the failures that the idea of increasing slot machines at horse racing tracks has gone through in recent years. He knows that the majority of the congress is probably still against the idea and he knows that as long as public opinion is against the idea, his battle is going to be an uphill one all the way.

Even though he knows all of this, Stumbo is in a situation where he feels that he has no other choice. He feels that he has to go ahead and try once again to get these slot machines approved and that means taking all the verbal and mental abuse from his constituents, the general public, the media and in some cases even his own colleagues in the legislative branch of the Kentucky State Government. The reason he feels he has to do this, according to a quote that was released by his office, is that he feels that if the slot machines are not allowed to go into the horse racing tracks, the Kentucky horse racing industry will be gone in large part by the end of 2009 with the worst case scenarios projecting that the state might lose all except two of its race tracks.

Horse Racing State

The main reason for this is a simple one and it is competition. Kentucky is a major horse racing state, but it is also surrounded by a number of horse racing states. These states have already in large part gone ahead and allowed expansions of gambling services at their race tracks and because of that they have not only received increased customers, but they have also received more attention from horses that would normally have raced in Kentucky but are now racing in one of the bordering states. According to Patrick Neely, a representative of the equine industry in the state, a report released by the government earlier in the year has proven this and for that reason the slot machines are critical to the maintenance of the long term viability of the Kentucky horse racing industry.

Since Kentucky is a state known for horse racing, losing the industry would mean losing a part of its identity. Identity is very important and it has made Representative Stumbo bring the issue into the legislature once again.

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