Kansas Lottery Commission and GTECH to Enter Slots Agreement

Kansas Lottery Commission and GTECH to Enter Slots Agreement

People that are familiar with gambling news in the great state of Kansas will remember an incident that took place a few months ago that involved a blunder on the part of GTECH. At that point in time the computer company was responsible for utilizing a central computer database management system to control all of the state lottery operations and during that time the responsibilities of the system were to pick and announce the various numbers that were winning for the lottery as well as upload those numbers to the various individual teller terminals that exist around the state. However, a problem with a new software package that was introduced by GTECH caused incorrect numbers for the Pick 3 lottery to be stated on June 29th, June 30th and July 1st.


All three of the situations were fixed however and in light of the consistent high quality of service that GTECH had provided the state of Kansas since the creation of the lottery in 1987, the state decided to keep doing business with GTECH but fine them for the mistakes they had made that had ended up costing the state a significant amount of money in incorrect prizes and lost business for future lotteries.

Now, it appears as though GTECH will be getting the go ahead from the Kansas Lottery Commission to control not only the conventional lottery services provided by the state, but also all of the casinos in all of the state-owned casinos in the entire state. This is a very important contract for GTECH as it means that they will be making approximately an extra $2 million on an annual basis purely from the contract they currently have to work with the Kansas Lottery Commission on lottery and slot machine dynamics within the casinos. At the current moment in time the casino contract will limit GTECH to just controlling the slot machines with their computer system but all indications are that if the corporation can accomplish that without any problems similar to the ones that caused the Pick 3 fiasco earlier on in the year, Kansas state officials might just go ahead and allow them to continue expanding their services into other state-owned areas of gambling that might need it.

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According to a spokesperson for GTECH, the new system for computer control of the slot machines would not actually be available until the summer. Because of that, it is quite possible that slot machines will continue to operate under their current system of operation for months before the takeover is completed. Once the takeover has been completed however, it will be up to the contractors working on the different state-owned casinos to pay for the central computer system. The Kansas Lottery Commission will make compliance with the new system completely mandatory as part of doing business in the state and since Kansas is most definitely home to many lucrative gambling opportunities, things are looking up for GTECH a mere five months after a fiasco that cost them at least six figures in terms of expenditures.

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