Jeremy Hunt Seeks Additional Offshore Online Gambling Regulation

UK Online Gambling LawsJeremy Hunt Seeks Additional Offshore Online Gambling Regulations

British Culture Secy. Jeremy Hunt wants to add more protections against offshore gaming companies that are specifically targeting UK players.  Secy. Hunt seeks to add other regulations to the online gambling laws in relation to offshore gaming sites that are not in favor with Ministry.   The regulations that Secy. Hunt, while the timing would be spot on, do not actually coincide with the recent ‘Black Friday’ actions by the US to route Full Tilt Poker and oust PokerStars and Absolute Poker.

Offshore Online Gambling

In essence, Hunt’s additional regulations would get the UK a cut of income that under current laws related to offshore gambling is being missed. Offshore operations are permitted to advertise without restriction in the UK, yet they are not required to carry license with the Gambling Commission if they are licensed with favored licensers.  Those operations that are not properly regulated or sneak by pose a sincere financial threat to UK players.

New Regulations

The new regulations will add more protections to UK players while also creating new streams of revenue in licensing arrangements and collection of required fees, but most importantly would defend against scenarios where an operator has to fold and is unable to refund players; much like the current situation that Full Tilt Poker is experiencing.

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