Irish Lottery Opportunities from the European Lottery Guild

Irish Lottery ELGIrish Lottery Opportunities from the European Lottery Guild

The European Lottery Guild has released a new Lotto syndicate for players in the UK. This gives UK players an opportunity to join in the Irish Lotto at Players pay in £8 for entrance to a syndicate of a four week period which gives eight chances at a portion of jackpots predicted to well exceed €2 million. Currently, the Irish Lotto jackpot record prize is £16 million.

Syndicate members are also entered into a bonus play called the Lucky 300 for free. The bonus gives players 2,400 additional chances at shares of jackpots from German, Spanish and Irish lotteries.

The ELG (European Lottery Guild) is an establishment launched in 1990. The Guild offers means in which lottery players from the UK may participate in the National Lottery, Irish National Lottery, German, French, Spanish and other lotteries. The ELG holds licensing from each respective country. You are welcome to learn more about the European Lottery Guild and their services at their home website of

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