International Casino Games Hits Halfway Point

International Casino Games Hits Halfway Point

The International Casino Games have not been around very long but at the current moment in time they are in their fourth straight year of being held. They were initially created by the Fortune Lounge Group which is one of the most successful online casino franchises in the history of online gambling. They seem to be a group that can do no wrong as far as casinos are concerned and it is for that reason that many people have started flocking to their banner during the running of the International Casino Games. The games this year began on August 12, 2008 and they are expected to continue until February of 2009 with many different interesting events still left to be played. The games may have hit their halfway mark but they have not hit their peak as there are still many excellent competitions left for people to view.

Fortune Lounge Group

In fact, it is quite possible that rather than being a curve with a peak in the middle, the International Casino Games put on by Fortune Lounge Group can be described as a straight line going diagonally from the bottom left of the graph to the top right of the graph. In other words, events during this stretch have been planned in such a way that the action just keeps getting better and better as time goes on. A good way to measure this would be through the winnings that have been handed out. According to the current information that is available on the games, around $125,000 has been awarded in prizes. If you compare that amount of money won over 3.5 months of gaming action to the final week in which at least $250,000 is going to be awarded it is quite easy to see that most of the big action is still to come.

Casino Games

In fact, chances are very good that most of the big action will not happen until February when the finals to the International Casino Games take place. The finals are set to take place in the last week of the shortest month of the year and they are expected to take place on a cruise liner known as the Grand Princess. The Grand Princess is essentially luxury personified as it has all the amenities you could ever want out of a cruise vacation. The actual ship has facilities such as three different swimming pools, fantastic bar experiences as well as individual restaurants and theatres that will be performing different shows every night of the 7-day stay that finalists will get on that excellent cruise ship experience.

The stay on the cruise ship is just the consolation prize however as once the finalists have all gathered on the ship and the cruise has begun, it will be time to sit down and play the finals in the International Casino Games. There are four prizes available that are approximately equivalent to $70,000 for the grand prizes and many smaller cash prizes available to people as an honourable mention. All in all, the finale to the games will be spectacular.

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