Illinois Faces Opponents to Gambling Expansion Bill

Casino BankingIllinois Faces Opponents to Gambling Expansion Bill

Opponents of gambling in Illinois are trying to bring an end to the casino industry lobbying for their interests. The real issue is that current legislation does not monitor contributions made by special interest groups as they are allowed to funnel these investments through other groups. Gambling opponents in the state want the loopholes in the law closed. In 1990, Illinois lifted a ban on casino interests making political donations.

Casinos and Voting

The Chicago Tribune reported that “Legislators told the Tribune there is no connection between the amount of money they have received from casinos and their votes on the gambling issue.”

Gambling Expansion Bill

The gambling expansion bill, which is the area of focus for these opponents, is currently on hold by the Senate. The bill would allow the introduction of slot machines into O’Hare International and allow river casinos to move to land.

Many feel that if the Bill is passed that it will create jobs and open up new revenues for taxation by the State. However, Illinois Gaming Board chairman Aaron Jaffe has spoken out against the supposed revenue boosting properties of the Bill by pointing out that the Senate had failed to consider other options in revenue growth and according to the Chicago Sun-Times stated, “You can’t make perfume out of a pile of garbage.” The chairman is sympathetic to the financial woes of the State but disagrees about how the bill is fashioned.


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