If US Gambling is Legal, Why Are Casinos so Nervous?

US Online GamblingThere was a meeting that involved Ron Kirk, the United States’ Trade Representative and Baldwin Spencer, the prime minister of Antigua & Barbuda. This meeting was aimed to talk about the islands’ online gambling World Trade Organization problems with the United States. In this meeting, the prime minister, Baldwin Spencer showed his frustrations and grand disappointment, his disappointed was due to the fact that the WTO case was first handled nine years ago in 2003, but the two sides, the United States and Antigua & Barbuda haven’t been able to find a solution that they both agree on to settle the dispute between them.

Baldwin Spencer, the Antigua & Barbuda prime minister stated that he has proposed numerous solutions to the dispute between Antigua & Barbuda and the United States. He added that until this date, the United States hasn’t made any fair or reasonable offers. He said that the online gaming and gaming sector of Antigua & Barbuda has been totally destroyed by the United States through its actions. He continued that Antigua & Barbuda has to be compensated fairly in order to cover the losses of what happened. The prime minister also asked the trade representative of the U.S to look more into the proposal made by Antigua & Barbuda and to accept it. This proposal included the approval of mediation efforts done by the director general of the WTO.

The United States trade representative said that he agrees that this solution is a very good and an innovative one.  Despite that, he told the prime minister to rest assured as the United States is still obligated to work with Antigua & Barbuda and to co operate with it in any way in order to find a mutual agreement. He also said that his office will review and study the proposal by Antigua & Barbuda and that he will hold any discussions or talks with the Ambassador of Antigua & Barbuda in Washington until they review the proposal.

After the meeting between them, the legal representatives of Antigua & Barbuda stated that the recent change of heart of the United States’ Dept. of Justice regarding  its’ statement about the Wire Act. As the DoJ has announced that the Wire Act was meant to illegalize sports betting, hence, legalizing all other forms of internet gambling. They said that this sudden change should make the US Trade officials rethink their position and their opinions regarding the WTO.

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