Ideas for Legalizing Australian Internet Gambling

According to a statement by Clubs Australia, if internet gambling operations is ever legalized in Australia, then the sports club should be in control. Club Australia organization said this statement as a response to the proposals that were presented by the govt. that followed a look into the internet gambling ban. Clubs Australia has stated that the existing internet gambling bans are not effective. This is due to the fact that despite the existence of these bans, Australian gamblers still wager millions of dollars on the online gambling casinos and websites that are based offshore. According to reports, the Australian internet punters are estimated to spend over 17.9 billion Australian dollar on these offshore websites.

Clubs Australia responded to such reports and reviews by saying that online casino websites and games should be made legal. It also stated that the suitable operators for such casinos would be the clubs. This is due to the fact that they are in the best position to offer these services. If an internet gambling model is implemented on a local base, the clubs will offer the punters of Australia with a legal venue to satisfy their gambling needs. They will be able to wager in a safe, secured and a regulated gambling environment that guarantees the safety of their information and funds.

The model that was presented by Clubs Australia also stated that the government will be able to earn up to 4.7 billion Australian dollars in taxes over the next decade if internet gambling is legalized.

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