IBIS World Gambling Report

UK gambling newsThere has been a study that was carried out recently by IBIS World, the very famous independent research facility. This study was concerned with the gambling business in the U.K.; the study indicated that the industry is way better than what it was ten years ago. As for the past five years, the business has not been faring in a good way. This came as a result of the indoor bans on smoking that resulted in a number of financial problems and a decrease in the revenues in the industry. According to the numbers published by IBIS, the revenue will decrease by 0.7% yearly in the upcoming five years, starting from 2012 to 2016.

These negative conditions of the industry are so negative that it might sideline the positive industrial effects of the London Olympic Games. As in a healthy environment, such event would benefit the industry to a large extent. Any industry can withstand a number of negative conditions and events, but in the case of the United Kingdom, these negative conditions occurred in a row, which formed some kind of a negative combination that affected the economy and the industry greatly, in a negative way.

These conditions that have the negative effect on the business & the industry are expected to ease up in the following 5 years. This dissolving of such conditions is expected to be accompanied by a recovery in the whole economy which will result in the increase of incomes. Also it is expected that a lot of investments in the gambling technology will happen, accompanied by a great growth in the domestic gambling operations with the upcoming Rugby World Cup in 2015 and the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014.

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