Hendon Mob and FTP Association Ends

Full Tilt Poker AccountsHendon Mob and FTP Association Ends

The longtime association between the Hendon Mob and FTP has ended at Ram Waswani, Joe Beevers, Ross Boatman and Barny Boatman have all left the FTP team roster.

Hendon Mob

The announcement was made yesterday on the Hendon Mob’s official website. In the statement released on their website, The Hendon Mob expressed sadness by all that has happened with FTP.

Full Tilt and Hendon Mob Split

They also acknowledge that many of their loyal members signed up with Full Tilt through the Hendon Mob website. The statement goes on to acknowledge that as former affiliates that they understand that many players still have funds, points and tickets tied up in Full Tilt and that the Hendon Mob will have the players best interests in trying to reach a good outcome regarding those funds.

The Hendon Mob’s message to its fans may be read in full at this link.


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