Hard to Find Sichuan Mah Jong in Land Casinos

Mah Jong in CasinosHard to Find Sichuan Mah Jong in Land Casinos

Mah Jong is a game with a rich history that stretches back at least as far as the middle of the 19th century and quite possibly as far back as five hundred years before the start of the Common Era. For that reason, the game has a rich history and tradition behind it and there have also been many different variants of the game made. People tend to make a new variant of a game when they want to change some rules and Mah Jong has had that done to it very many times. Some of the more important Mah Jong types are discussed in slightly greater detail below.

Classic Mah Jong

Classic Mah Jong is very similar to Draw Poker in terms of the history that the two games share in relation to their larger groups of games. Classic Mah Jong was what started it all during the origins of the game, but it is also a game that is very rarely played anymore. It’s definitely not played in Asia anymore and while there are a few people that play it in the west, it is decidedly less popular than you might think.

Cantonese Mah Jong

This variant of Mah Jong is the variant that was first derived from the classic Mah Jong and it is also the variant that ended up replacing classic Mah Jong in the hearts and minds of the many people around. It is not that different from classic Mah Jong and the combination of the banning of Mah Jong in the People’s Republic of China and the fact that Hong Kong was able to develop its own game at the same time being outside of the Chinese sphere of influence was what really catapulted Cantonese Mah Jong to the top of the popularity charts. It is for this reason that Cantonese Mah Jong is sometimes referred to as Hong Kong Mah Jong.

Sichuan Mah Jong

This is a type of Mah Jong that is very popular on the mainland Chinese continent, although it is also a game that many of the traditionalists absolutely abhor. The game is very similar to one-day international cricket in the sense that traditionalists see it as a corruption of the purest form of the game while proponents see it as a way to take something very complicated and out of the interests of most people and condense it down into something that might catch their attention. For this reason, Sichuan Mah Jong is very quick and very easy, with many of the playing pieces and tactical moves from the classic Mah Jong having been completely removed from the game.

Other Mah Jong Types

There are many regional types of Mah Jong in addition to the three mentioned above. Japan has their own version of the game and Taiwan also has their own version. The first US Mah Jong game had different rules as well and is now known as classical western Mah Jong while its own sub-variant is called American Mah Jong. Malaysia and many other Southeast Asian nations also have their own versions of the game and all of this should give you an idea of just how diverse it is.

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