Greek Gambling is a Go

Online Gambling GreeceGreek Gambling is a Go

The Greek parliament is making way for online gaming legalisation in the country and offline gaming as well. As with other countries in dire economic strife, Greece is looking to gambling to recoup some of their losses and generate tax revenue. New licensees for Greek gaming operations will go through an approval process from a Gaming Control Committee that will oversee newly established agreements. The Greek parliament has worded the legislation to follow laws established by the EU.

Increased Revenues from Online Gambling

It would seem that Greece now sees the potential for increased revenues from online gaming as less of a competition to their own gambling interests. Despite the new outlook for online gambling, other government agencies will still be cut and pensions many be dissolved. This has brought about continued anger and opposition from that nation’s civil servants union.

Greek Online Gambling

Will Greek Online Gambling, solve every financial difficulty that the country faces? Most definitely not, but as part of a programme of self-sustaining financial stimulus, it could act as the leg up that the country needs.

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