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Recently, online gambling has been made legal in a handful of states who are looking to gain large profits in tax revenues. This change is having far reaching benefits for individuals and states alike. Many people believe that state regulated online gaming will be safer for the player than off shore illegal sites, as well as bringing much needed revenue to the state governments. Off shore gaming sites are not regulated, and leave the player vulnerable to fraud. Regulated sites are safer for the player. The added revenue is providing a more than adequate enticement for states to change their laws. Nevada, Maryland, and New Jersey are the first to take the internet gambling plunge.

Companies and casinos have been busy working on making this legal change a reality. Software and mobile app corporations are scrambling to create software that will meet the constraints of the law, and entice new users. The law requires that players be within the borders of the state. This is a challenge that companies have been striving to overcome. Many companies are including free slots, and creating software that will have games to entice those that are not current game players.

New Jersey is helping pave the way for legal online gambling. The Garden State was the third state to legalize internet gambling behind Nevada and Delaware. Many Atlantic City casinos are leading the pack in the online casino market. Some of the companies involved in the early stages of the online gambling release are Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Caesars Entertainment, Tropicana Casino and Resort, and Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort. With seven casinos participating in the online gambling launch in New Jersey, 17 sites will be released.

New Jersey had set November 26th as the release date for online gaming, but decided on an early soft release that began on Thursday. The idea is to ensure that everything is working properly, and within the constraints of the law. This soft launch will allow limited play, while being assessed before the full release. Most importantly, New Jersey must be sure that all players are within their borders.

On the second day of the soft release of the online gambling websites, one problem that keeps showing up is in the border control aspect of the games. Many people that are well with in the New Jersey border are unable to play in the online casino. The software is working too well. Many people that live 10 to 15 miles within the border are not being allowed to play, because the software is not recognizing them as playing within the legal borders. This has not deterred many exuberant online players. Some are moving from place to place trying to find the virtual borders.

Another problem that prospective gamblers are encountering, is the inability to load money into accounts. Even after sending in multiple forms of identification, many users were still denied access. Along with the identification problems, some banks are refusing to participate in the online gaming regardless of the laws in New Jersey. Many people, along with the casinos, are undeterred. They are looking forward the full release on the 26th.

The fallout from this failure is being seen on social media sites everywhere. Many people are upset. A plethora of gamblers were looking forward to playing in these casinos without having to travel to Atlantic City. Fears that the complete launch will have the same problems, and will increase the public outcry against the software restrictions, are beginning. This will prove what the casinos are up against with the complete launch pending. The users that have been able to access the sites, however, are happy with the internet launch, and site setup.

The laws are changing in many states with regard to internet gambling. A handful of states have already passed laws making it legal. After seeing the revenue that these states are expected to gain with this change, many states may follow suit. A change like this will not go without its initial problems, whether they be legal or practical. Casinos will have to work a little harder to correct the problems with the software, and states may have to deal with unexpected issues. All of this is expected with a totally new endeavor of any type. If the glitches can be worked out, the Garden State is in for a treat. Online gaming is already proving to be popular, and with free slots being offered usage should sky rocket. The states who legalized online gambling will be smiling all the way to the bank.

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