Gambling on Stocks or Investing in Gambling

Gambling on Stocks or Investing in Gambling

One of the more interesting things that have happened as a result of the economic meltdown that recently hit the United States is the role reversal that the stock market and online gambling companies seem to have taken in recent times. One would never have thought this possible in the United States in light of the 2006 ban on online gambling that was rammed through the Congress at light speed but at the same time it is also important to realize that with a change in power can come change in policy and that appears to be exactly what has happened within the United States.

It started with the collapse of the stock market that happened in the middle of September. While that collapse was nowhere near on the level of the infamous stock market crash that hit the country in 1929 at the same time it did create conditions in which people started to take a close look at the stock market and what stock trading had become. The results of this little bit of introspection shocked many of these people to the core and the end result of that shock was that a lot of people that are experts in the field of finance came to the conclusion that the stock market had become a place for people to gamble their life savings away.

Far from being the reliable growth year-upon-year that many people had previously thought it to be, the stock market instead became a roll of the dice to see if your stock increased or decreased in the small amount of time that you were the owner of the stock. With this idea of stock trading becoming gambling (and therefore online gambling as well because of the online stock trading options available to people), a lot of people took their money out of traditional stocks and tried to look around for places to put it where they thought it could be safe.

It will forever be a matter of historical irony that these people eventually found the stocks of online gambling companies to invest in. Such stocks have long been thought of as on the ropes as a result of the 2006 ban on online gambling in the United States but they have made a comeback in recent years despite that ban and now are stronger than ever because of the diversified base of gamblers they have all over the world. The online gambling industry is so secure at the moment in fact that it is expected that it can increase its overall market capitalization by 1000% in the next decade and its overall market share by 20000% in the same period of time. This makes it an ideal long term investment for a number of different people and that is why investors that are afraid of traditional stocks have suddenly turned to the very industry that has been vilified for two years as a means of saving their own rear ends. Somewhere, online gambling owners are chuckling over the sense of irony that fate seems to have.

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