Gambling News Writers

Gambling News features articles about the gaming industry written by talented writers with insider perspective.  Many of our writers have backgrounds in the gaming industry having worked in either a media related capacity, executive level or as experienced casino workers for both online and land based gaming facilities.  The collective experience of our writers gives a unique perspective on gambling and skill based gaming across the world today.  To contact a Gambling News Writer please click on their name below to send an email.

Terrence Nash

Terrence is the Editor in Chief of and has 17 years of experience as media specialist in public relations for land based casinos as well as online casinos. Follow Terrence Nash on Facebook Follow Terrence Nash on Twitter Follow Terrence Nash on Myspace 


Perry Gifford

Mr. Gifford attended the Cardiff University, studying journalism and has been featured in numerous gaming industry trade journals for the past nine years. Follow Perry Gifford on Facebook Follow Perry Gifford on Twitter Follow Perry Gifford on Myspace


Lawrence Belman

Mr. Belman is a contributing author that has worked as a Blackjack dealer at several casinos in the United States.  Lawrence has written several articles detailing his experience working in the casino industry. Follow Lawrence Belman on Facebook Follow Lawrence Belman on Twitter Follow Lawrence Belman on Myspace


Lisa Cutter

Lisa is a graduate of the London School of Journalism.  She comes from a background as a horse breeder and trainer for racing before become a professional journalist. Follow Lisa Cutter on Facebook Follow Lisa Cutter on Twitter Follow Lisa Cutter on Myspace


Charles Fischer

Charles has a working background as a working journalist for eight years.  A graduate of the Lincoln School of Journalism, Charles received his BA in Journalism in order to become a professional sports writer. Follow Charles Fischer on Facebook Follow Charles Fischer on Twitter Follow Charles Fischer on Myspace


Harriet Ashton

Harriet also attended the Lincoln School of Journalism and through her connections with the BBC, worked for several magazines and news journals covering local gaming events including poker tournaments, football and cricket. Follow Hariet Ashton on Facebook Follow Hariet Ashton on Twitter Follow Harriet Ashton on Myspace


Richard Parker

Richard showed a strong interest in gambling and the gaming industry during his years at the University of Westminster.  Richard was able to pay for many of his courses playing in early online casinos.  Richard holds a degree in computer sciences and a MA in Journalism.  Richard’s experience and in-depth understanding shows strongly in his reports regarding online gaming software and gaming technology. Follow Richard Parker on Facebook Follow Richard Parker on Twitter Follow Richard Parker on Myspace


Martin Walton

Martin works for a major gaming casino in North Carolina in the United States.  Martin has written several instructional manuals and has given seminars on the training of casino employees.  Martin provides examinations of the casino industry and provides an experienced look at the lives of employees and patrons of casinos in the United States. Follow Martin Walton on Facebook Follow Martin Walton on Twitter Follow Martin Walton on Myspace


Sherry Peck

Ms. Peck has worked as a legal assistant and provides an educated and professional look at the legal issues facing online gaming in the UK and across the globe. Follow Sherry Peck on Myspace


Katharine Miller

Ms. Miller writes out of Canada and has worked for several online gaming software developers.  Her main course of study was in design media and journalism and she regularly contributes interviews with game designers and software programmers for casino software. Follow Katharine Miller on Myspace


Gary Leighter

Mr. Leighter is an experienced journalist covering poker tournaments for local newspapers.  He has covered the WPT and brings his experience in tournament coverage to Follow Gary Leighter on Myspace