Gambling News Out of Australia

Australian Casino GamblingGambling News Out of Australia

Low growth earnings from the Australian gaming sector are expected as consumers tighten their belts. While official reports for annual growth is not out for all Australian gaming companies; industry experts expect that the financials will report little to know growth.


Australian Casinos Face Big Competition

Some of the biggest competition that Australia is facing is from resort casinos in Singapore grabbing business from Australian casinos, especially gamblers from China that once frequented the Australian casinos.

Australian Casinos Remain Competitive

2011 was also a year for refurbishments and financial restructuring for several of the Australian casinos which will also affect figures for the year. Some casinos may also be looking to cut workers and benefits in an attempt to cut costs across the board. Australia will still remain competitive with the world casino market, but may see slow progress and increased drains from the Asian casino market over the next two years.

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