Gambling News Monday, 26 September 2011

lottery-numbersGambling News Monday, 26 September 2011

November Nine Finalist Adds Title

Matt Giannetti has just A World Series of Poker Title, and it’s not even November yet.  Giannetti is one of nine very skilled poker players who has claimed one of the coveted seats in the November Final Table.  In the meantime, the American has been participating in other poker events around the globe.

The most recent event, held in Malta, earned Matt the top prize.  He had already earned nearly 800,000 USD in previous events this year, and he has added another 273,200 USD to his total.  This means he has made over one million dollars for the first time in a one year period.

Matt Giannetti

It came down to Matt Giannetti and an Italian player, Cecilia Pescaglini, battling it out for the top prize.  In the end, they only played a few hands before Giannetti’s open ended straight draw proved to be successful over Pescaglini’s pair of queens.

This win may be a glimpse into what the future holds for Giannetti at the Final Table, but we’ll have to wait until November to see what pans out.

Lottery Money for Village Improvement

The townspeople of Ripley and Heanor are strongly encouraged to register for a chance to claim a portion of the national lottery.  The amount, which totals the amount of £5 is to be used exclusively for improving the community, and can be used to do such at the winner’s discretion.

Lottery Fund Village SOS Active Competition

Those interested need to fill out a project application with the details of their project and how much money they are requesting.  Each project can apply for up to £30,000.  Applications must be turned in by the deadline of 5:00 pm on Thursday, October 20th and can be turned in to the Big Lottery Fund’s Village SOS Active competition.

Some project ideas that have been suggested include a community garden and recreation area, as well as improving roads and walkways.  There have also been talks of updating store fronts and adding new shops.

Former Gambler Supports Anti-Addiction Option

Video poker machines are becoming more and more popular and abundant all throughout Australia, which worries those who are opposed to the gambling legislation.  Legalising gambling, in their eyes, will only increase the chance that people will develop gambling addictions.

Gambling Legislation

These addictions have proved to be detrimental to one’s health, family life, and to society as a whole time and time again.  A recovered gambler has recently shown his support, albeit it wearily, over making these machines have a pre-set gambling limit.

That means that there is a better chance that people will not spend their entire weeks pay on the machines before they have the chance to purchase groceries or pay bills.  This may also help to lower the number of homeless people and those that receiving government assistance.  It is hopeful that people will not try to go above this limit, but honour it instead.

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