Gambling Habits in the UK

UK Online Gambling LawsGambling Habits in the UK

We have come a long way from the first betting shops being opened in ’61. BBC News online took a look at the gambling habits of Britons and we were absolutely fascinated by the statistics. Britain may very well be looking at an industry that will rake in £60bn a year. This is probably no surprise as it is reported that 6 out of 10 adults will spend around £50 a month in lotto, spots bets and general gambling.



Lottery Players

Problem gambling statistics seem a shade conflicting though as Gamblers Anonymous stated that since 2003, the year for the first sale of lottery, their calls have increased by seventeen percent. However, the National Center for Social Research estimated that less than one percent of lottery players are problem gamblers. Obviously, the lottery is not the source of G.A.’s reported figures.

Internet Betting, Online Gambling Sites and Casinos

The bulk of the annual take from overall betting ventures comes from internet betting. Most figures are estimated, but the BBC News Online reported that “… internet gambling contributed just over £21bn to global gambling turnover of £638bn in 2001, according to research undertaken for the Betting Office Licensees Association.”

In comparison to the striking figures from the online gambling sites, casinos, slot machines and sports betting hardly compares.

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