Pai Gow GamblingHistory of Pai Gow

If you want to become an expert at playing and winning at Pai Gow, it is usually then a good idea to become an expert at everything about the game. While a lot of people like to dismiss history out of hand, people that have studied history understand that learning from the past can give you insights into the future. In this way, studying the history of Pai Gow and its evolution over the course of time will allow you to better understand how the game works. While it will not really help you if you’ve already learned the strategy, it is still good to know.

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Pai Gow GamblingOrigins of Pai Gow, Before the Electronic Age

Just as with most of the gambling games that the world has gotten from China, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact origins of the game of Pai Gow. In fact, many people think that it was invented thousands of years ago by some of the greatest of the ancient Chinese civilizations. However, historians do not really have the ability to relay on speculation on the part of the people living in the country and therefore must concentrate on actual aspects of the historical record that back up what they are saying. According to that same historical record, the game of Pai Gow dates back to the Song Dynasty, which means that it is at least one thousand years old.

During this period of time it was a game that was played by the royals and that is why the suits themselves represent military and civilian figures. Only the nobles and the royals played the game at first and during this time the Pai Gow game gained a great amount of tradition in the Chinese historical record. It eventually spread to the civilian population through illegal backrooms of gambling and when this happened the popularity of the game exploded.

Pai Gow GamblingMigration

The migration of the game did not take place until well after the 20th century, when Pai Gow migrated across the oceans and ended up in other places in Asia as well as Europe and North America. It became very popular in many of the casinos and for the first time gained a legal status among the civilian population of a country. It was during this time that the casinos of the west decided to create a card version of the game since many of their customers had complained about having to learn how to use Chinese dominoes. The result of this decision was Pai Gow Poker, a game that is very popular in the casinos of the west to this very day.

Pai Gow GamblingPresent Day

In the present day, Pai Gow is played legally in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Edmonton, Melbourne and Auckland in the western world and it is played in Macau and Hong Kong in the eastern world. These are all legal games that are regulated by the government, although there are also illegal games available in many smaller Chinese communities. Pai Gow’s popularity is not expected to dampen anytime soon.


Pai Gow GamblingOnline Gaming Software Advanced Pai Gow Scoring

Once you have mastered the basics of Pai Gow scoring and played a few games with your friends using those scoring conventions, it is now time to sit up and go for scoring that is more advanced. The advanced scoring is the scoring used in all of the different casinos and for that reason it is this scoring that you must learn if you actually want to gamble at a Pai Gow table.




Pai Gow GamblingGongs

The first part of advanced scoring for you to learn is the Gong. A Gong is a special combination that involves either the 1-1 or 6-6 tile and a second tile that is worth eight. When these two tiles are placed together under advanced scoring, the result is a hand that is worth 10 as opposed to zero.

Pai Gow GamblingWongs

In addition to Gongs, there are also Wongs in advanced Pai Gow scoring. A Wong occurs when the same 1-1 or 6-6 tiles are used with another tile that is worth nine. Under normal circumstances the hand would score one, but under advanced Pai Gow rules the hand is worth 11. The combinations for higher than 9 scoring are only good for eights and nines in combination with a 1-1 or 6-6 and are not valid with any other combination.

Pai Gow GamblingGee Joons

The 1-2 tile and the 2-4 tile are both known as Gee Joon tiles. These are wildcard tiles that have a variable value in advanced Pai Gow scoring. They can both be used to count as 3 or 6, depending on which value scores the greater overall hand value when they are used with another tile.

Pai Gow GamblingPairs

A pair in Pai Gow is defined as two tiles that have the same rank. This is true regardless of whether or not the distribution of the dots on the tiles is the same. This means that 4-4 and 4-4 represents a pair of 8s, but 6-2 and 5-3 also represents a pair of 8s. Pairs are important because any pair hand will beat any non-pair hand and in this way the pair hands are like jokers. There is also a hierarchy of rank in pair hands, but it is done by aesthetics rather than logic and that means that you must memorize the list of pair ranks if you would like to play advanced Pai Gow scoring rules.

Pai Gow GamblingTied Hands

In advanced Pai Gow, tied hands are not allowed. If a hand is tied with zeros on both the part of the player and dealer, the dealer wins the hand. In any other case, the highest tile in each hand has to be compared according to the ranking of pairs from the previous section and the one with the higher high tile wins the hand. If there is a real tie with the same tiles and same hand value, the tie is given to the dealer. Finally, Gee Joon tiles have a place in the pair ranking, but they are not considered valid in tie-breaking situations when playing advanced Pai Gow.

Mah Jong GamblingMah Jong Competitions in Land based and Online Casinos

There are many people around the world that play Mah Jong and it is probably the most popular international game in existence. However, there are also many people that were interested in competing against each other in a formalized setting and for that reason there are now international Mah Jong tournaments that take place on a regular basis around the world. If you are interested in really learning about these tournaments, there is a bit of information to get you started below.

world mah jong championships

Mah Jong GamblingRationale for Tournaments

The main rationale behind Mah Jong tournaments is actually the same as the rationale behind creating tournaments for anything else. It is a chance for the best in the world to compete against each other and determine once and for all who the best Mah Jong players actually are. Tournaments in that sense are able to accomplish much. However, tournaments also had the effect of taking Mah Jong from an illegal game of gambling and making it into a respectable game around the world because it is played with set rules in a formalized setting. These are the two main rationales behind the creation of Mah Jong tournaments.

Mah Jong GamblingEuropean Mah Jong Championship

The European Mah Jong Championship is the tournament of Mah Jong that the western world attends. There is no major tournament in North America that equals the European Mah Jong Championship and for that reason the people in North America that want to test their Mah Jong skills against other players of the world will travel to Europe in order to play in this championship. It is a tournament that takes place every two years and the first one happened in 2005. In 2005 it was held in Holland, in 2007 it was held in Denmark and in 2009 it is going to be held in Austria.

Mah Jong GamblingJapanese Mah Jong Championship

The Japanese Mah Jong Championship is a tournament that is held in Japan on a regular basis, although for the most part it’s not really open to players from outside the country of Japan. It is put on by the Japanese Mah Jong Organizing Committee and more information about the next tournament can be found by checking with representatives of that organization.

Mah Jong GamblingChinese Mah Jong Championship

The Chinese Mah Jong Championship is similar to the Japanese in almost all respects with the one exception that it is actually arranged by the World Mah Jong Organization which happens to be based in the capital of Beijing.

Mah Jong GamblingWorld Mah Jong Championship

Players that really think that they are better than anyone else in their field will definitely try and qualify for a spot in the World Mah Jong Championship. This event is held in China and is put on by the same people that run the Chinese Mah Jong Championship. The first event was held in 2002 and won by a Japanese national. While most players playing in this tournament continue to be from either China or Japan, the truth of the matter is that more and more players from western nations are starting to become interested in attending successive tournaments.