slots-gamblingPlaying Online Slots

Online slots work using software based on random number generators so that each player has the same chance of winning any prize – the jackpot winning combination could come up at any time and it may come up twice in close succession, or not come up at all for ages.

When you play online slots you may wonder if the casino site you are using is offering a fair game, or if they have manipulated the software to make sure the house wins more than the advertised odds.  It is true that there are some unreliable sites that may behave like this, however, because of the nature of the internet, any information on sites like this is passed on very quickly among players and these sites go out of business very quickly.  One of the bigger problems is slow payouts from some casinos, so you may think things are going well and then you have major problems trying to get the casino to pay the money you have won.  Again these online sites don’t tend to last very long as players soon get wise to the trick and pass on the information among the players’ community.

To be sure that an online site you want to play at is safe then look out for the eCOGRA seal on the website, or run the name of the site through your search engine and look at the posts and comments made by other players – you’ll soon know if the site is trustworthy or not.

Once you have found a site you are happy with, playing online slots can be great fun and many sites offer free games just for entertainment if you can’t afford or don’t want to risk playing with real money.  If you do play for real then your best chances of winning the full jackpot are betting max on each spin, and if you do win big then stop playing, otherwise, you will only be giving your money back to the house!

slots-gamblingCasino Slots

Believe it or not, the cynical gambling establishments of the past decided to introduce simple games of chance with no complicated rules or strategy to learn to keep the wives entertained while the men got on with the business of serious gambling.  The idea was that the men would be able to spend longer at the casino if the women could be with them and had a little bit of fun gambling of their own to do!

Since then the games have become more and more sophisticated with bonus features, graphics, and sound effects, but are still based on a fairly simple premise and they can be great fun to play.  Slots are found in various different forms where you can win a jackpot on a particular machine, or you can win a larger progressive jackpot which is formed when an amount from several machines is linked together and paid out as a jackpot on any one of those linked machines. Slots also can be anything from a straight forward three-reel game, where you only have one pay line, to multiple reels with up to twenty pay lines!  The great bit is that with these games you don’t have to remember what all the different pay lines are because the machine will automatically pay out any winnings to your account whenever you make a winning combination on one of your active lines.  You can choose various numbers of lines to bet on so you can play on the multiple pay line machines but play anywhere from one to twenty lines – you don’t always have to play them all!

One thing to keep in mind if you are going to try your hand at casino slots is that the game is purely a matter of chance and you can win or lose any time.  There are no guarantees that you will win after a set of losses, and you could just as easily win five times in a row!  However much you enjoy playing set yourself a limit and stick to it – don’t gamble more than you can afford to lose.


slots-gamblingOnline Casino Slots

There is so much to choose from if you decide you want to play online casino slots that you may find it difficult to decide which game to play.  Many games have particular themes so if you like any of the themes on offer you may as well play on one of these games so that you can also enjoy the way the gameplay interacts with the theme of the slots.  Another way to choose may be to find out the payout percentages for different games and choose the one that has the best payout percentages, although you may find that most casinos just tell you the average across all the slots machines.

Online casino slots give players the benefits of many games to choose from all from the comfort of their own armchair, with their own drinks and entertainment facilities around.  You don’t need to worry about getting dressed up, finding a taxi to the casino because you’d like a couple of drinks, or getting home late at night.  You can play at any time of night or day from home and you usually get better payout percentages online than you would at any real-world casino!  Starts to sound too good to be true really, but as long as you’re using a reputable casino it really does work well and you can have great fun playing slots, as long as you play within your means.

You will notice if you visit several different online casinos that some of them use different software providers, which means the gameplay, graphics, and sound effects can vary quite greatly.  A good suggestion is to play games for free on any slots that you like the look of and then see which are your favorites and stick to these.


slots-gamblingOnline Slots, Online Gaming

Online slots are the most popular games of chance available at any online casino.  Probably because the games can be quite cheap to play and offer the opportunity of winning a huge prize based totally on luck.  There are no complicated rules to learn and no specific strategy is likely to increase your likelihood of winning so anyone can play and anyone can win big.

Of course, anyone can lose money playing slots too and some casinos offer games where you can bet as much as $5 per line, so you could lose money very quickly if you have a bad run.  The same rules apply to playing slots as they do for any other online gambling game – you should always set yourself a limit and never bet more than you can afford to lose.  Another tip is to bet max to increase your chances of a jackpot win if you are playing, and don’t bet on all lines available as this is a very quick way to watch your money disappear.

Online slots can be quite addictive because they are fast-paced, have generally good graphics and interesting sound effects.  Plus, if you do win a few coins in the early spins of the reels it makes you want to keep playing until you hit the next win.  The outcome of each spin is determined by random number generators (at any decent casino) and so there are no cycles, no number of losses before you get a win or big payouts after a series of small ones.  The chances of winning really are random and anyone could win at any time.

If you see someone advertising a winning online strategy for playing these machines then the chances are that it doesn’t work.  If they claim to have made a lot of money from internet gambling then it has more likely come from people paying to be sent dodgy advice about how to win at slots!  You need to remember that the idea of these games is first and foremost entertainment and if you happen to win something that is a bonus.


slots-gamblingHistory of Slots

The game of slots has changed quite dramatically over recent history and with the movement to online casinos the game of slots has developed in all kinds of ways, including giving the option to play with multiple winning lines and with a range of themes and symbols.

Charles Fey invented the first slot machine back in 1887, which he called the Liberty Bell, a tribute to which you will often see as a symbol on slot machines. Fey’s machine only had three reels, each with a mixture of five symbols, and the highest prize was awarded for three Liberty Bell symbols on the winning line. It is said that demand for his slot machine soon became so great that he couldn’t produce machines quickly enough. This led to many imitations being produced and ultimately the popularity of the game led to the banning of mechanical gambling devices in California.

Soon enough there were developments to this slot machine, increasing the number of reels and using some of the symbols of cards from a normal deck. These machines were produced by the Sittman and Pitt company and were most commonly found in New York bars and were alterable by bar owners to make certain combinations of cards harder, or even impossible.

Bell Fruit Gum machines soon followed with symbols of fruit to be matched and prizes of chewing gum available on some machines. For many years there were variations on slot machine games available and then the sudden change in the amounts of games available occurred when casino games moved online. Now online slots games are offered with stunning graphics, realistic sounds and atmosphere, and some offer huge progressive jackpots.


slots-gamblingSlot Machine Gambling

Introduction Slot Machine Gambling Strengths

A gambling game is only as good as its weakest element, or so the saying goes. While this may be true in theory, the people that play games in practice know that things tend to work out quite differently than the saying tends to indicate. A game can have some of the weakest elements imaginable and as long as it is still fun to play people would play it. Slot machines do not have many weak elements beyond the house edge that makes it impossible for a player to win in the long term, but they definitely have some strong elements that make playing them extremely fun to do.

The Stimulated Senses

One of the oldest tricks in the book as far as keeping people entertained is concerned is to create stimuli for all of their senses. With senses being stimulated in a positive way, people are more likely to be entertained by the situation they are in. The stimulated senses are part of the slot machine package as there are flashing lights that go crazy when you win and positive and negative sounds in order to reinforce results that have just taken place within the slot machine. All of these are examples of senses being stimulated and in some cases being able to pull the handle that you’ve seen so many times on television and in movies is a case of stimulation as well. This is surely one of the major strengths of slot machines.


Another huge strength of slot machines is the jackpot. While all gambling slot machines have a technical jackpot of one kind or another (i.e. a maximum payment allowable at the highest level of coins per spin), not all of them have the huge progressive jackpots that allow people the chance to win hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars with a single lucky spin. The jackpot is really one of the things that set slot machines apart from everything else because it represents the ability to change your life within the blink of an eye. Gambling jackpots are alluring to even the most disciplined person and for that reason represents one of the strongest points to a slot machine.


Another thing that makes slot machines so strong in terms of their hold over people is the fact that they are very cheap to play. If you walk into a typical casino, you will find that you have to wager at least five dollars a pop in most of the card games. By the same token, a slot machine might only cost you a few pennies per spin. The same can be said of many online casinos as well and with slot machines owning the monetary cheapness category in both the online and offline worlds, it makes sense that they would also be the strongest competitor in terms of gambling entertainment sources.


All of the elements above make slot machines fun to play and can be considered slot machine strengths. They are always present in slot machines and to prove this all you need to do is try a few out for yourself.


slots-gamblingSlot Machine Popularity Discovered

There are many casinos around the world today that use slot machines and there are many casinos that derive the mainstay of their income from these machines. However, up until now, most casinos have not really taken the time to do detailed work in regards to figuring out which of their slot machines are really the most popular. The general idea amongst casino goers is the fact that putting as many slot machines of as many types as possible has really been the way to go and since it works there is no point in messing with it.

Casinos that actually have taken the time to do this type of survey however have found out a bigger and better way to go. They have found out that when they target specific slot machines to their customer base, they end up making more money.


Slot Machines Best Hours

“If you go into a particular casino at its peak hours, you are very likely to find some slot machines completely full and others completely empty,” stated a representative for one casino that asked not to be named. “This is a very common site in most casinos and up until now most casinos have not really thought about optimizing their slot machines for their specific audience.”

The person mentioned in the quote is part of a casino in las Vegas that has recently started doing such a process and what they have found is that they can increase their income by a massive amount just by doing some simple optimization. It is a three-step process that any casino company can figure out.

slots-gamblingWhat Slots People are Playing

Step one in this three-step process is to hire people to stand by the slot machines and take note of what the people are playing when they end up on the floor that has the slots. This data needs to be cross-referenced with the time of day and the time of the year because there are cycles within the time that affect what people play when they go into a particular casino. People doing this work should take notes on brand names, general slot machine types, and the amount of money that the slot machine allows per spin.

Step two involves collating this information and analyzing it. If your casino is like most casinos that have recently done slots optimization, you will find that some of your slot machines are very heavily in demand while others may not be used at all. The goal is to figure out which is which and through data gathering you can usually find the two peaks between slot machines that are used all the time and slot machines that are barely used at all.

Once you have that information, step three is simply to remove the slot machines that perform poorly and then install more of the ones that perform well. It is a simple process, but even casinos in Las Vegas that already make a lot of money have found that slots optimization can significantly increase their income. As the word gets out, one can expect more casinos to start doing this in the near future.


slots-gamblingOnline Slots Tournament has been Established

The Jackpot Factory Group has long been one of the most respected online casino institutions in the world and most of that came from the fact that they were able to offer a very high standard of gaming as far as online slot machines were concerned. This higher standard of gaming combined with payout percentages that were impossible to beat established the casinos in the Jackpot Factory Group as being some of the best around. All Slots Casino, the flagship casino in the group, was responsible for bringing online slot machine gaming to the table as a reputable way to gamble as opposed to a method of just throwing your money away and because of that the online slot machines of the world have become integrated with the rest of the online casino gaming structures over the course of time.

With slot machine gaming well established in the online world, All Slots Casino decided that it was time to go forward with the next stage of their plan. To that end, they announced the World Series of Slots, a tournament occurring over months where the online slot machines would be front and center as the mainstay of the tournaments for people to play at. With the slot machine disadvantages evening out over the course of time due to the fact that players played on the same slot machine, it was evident that there was a skill element to this game and a luck element and for that reason, the online slots tournament format was born. All Slots Casino was directly responsible for its creation and for that reason, people that now make their living through the design or promotion of online slot machines have that casino to thank for its entrepreneurial spirit when it came to the promotion of the online slot machine.

This weekend however represented the online slot machines in a big way. It was the weekend that saw the taking place of the $200,000 Grand Finale of the World Series of Slots and once again it took place at the All Slots Casino. With people from all over the world competing in this tournament of online slots, it was quite apparent that the whole world was watching the tournament to see just how things would go. A good tournament that was run with no problems would herald the return of the online slot machine to grace in the eyes and hearts of many while a tournament fiasco would result in the collapse of all of the good work that All Slots Casino had done over the previous few months.

The good news in that sense is that All Slots Casino was able to create a tournament that for one reason or another was able to stand the test of time and go off without a hitch. While official results are still pending, the various rounds of the tournament went off quite well with no complaints from the players regarding any glitches in the software. A great end to the good work of All Slots Casino and the 2008 World Series of Slots.


slots-gamblingOnline Slots Tips

Whilst there is no guaranteed way to win at online slots, as genuine games will be run using random number generation software, there are certain tips that you can keep in mind to ensure that you don’t lose loads of money and hopefully give you a better chance of being one of the winners.

Because slots are so easy to play, fun, and fast it can be simple to get carried away with your game and keep playing just one more spin.  Of course, these extra spins add up in cost, so the best thing to do is set yourself a limit for how much you are prepared to spend during any one session, and then when you hit that limit stop playing.  It doesn’t matter if you’re up to or down at this point, you should always stop at your pre-set limit and come back another day. Another of our tips to remember is that if you are playing progressive online slots you should always bet max.  This is because you can only win the jackpot on progressives when you bet max and if you play any other way you are just helping put money aside for someone else to win.  The general payout percentage on progressive jackpots are always lower than other machines because some of the money going into the machine is going towards the normal jackpot, some to the house, and some to the progressive jackpot.

Of all the tips you stick by this next one is probably the best way of saving money – never pay money for a system to beat the slots; there is no such thing.  If someone thinks they have a mathematical formula for working out the wins in slots then they may be right, but only because the formula involves you buying their system and them making money from slots by you giving them money!  You simply can’t guarantee the next spin of the reels based on what has gone before.

Whatever happens with playing online slots you should remember that the house always wins and this gets more and more likely the longer you play.  If you do make any money playing the games the best thing to do is stop, take your money, enjoy it, and don’t put it back into the machine!  Although if you’re happy to pay just for the entertainment of playing that is up to you.


slots-gamblingHow to Win at Online Slots

If you think that you can guarantee a win at online slots games you would be wrong – there is simply no way to be sure of a win.  Because slots are based on random number generators you can’t predict which machine will pay out next or how much it will pay.  Just because a machine hasn’t paid out in a while doesn’t mean it is ready to pay out now, and likewise, a machine that has paid out recently may well pay again.

There is one thing that is certain about online slots games and that is that the longer you play them the more likely the house is to win.  The house will take somewhere around 4% – 6% when you’re playing slots so for each dollar you spend you will be effectively paying the casino around 5 cents in every dollar.  Now depending on how long you play, or how much you wager each time you spin you could be paying anywhere in the region of $50 – $75 an hour to play!  Unless you make a decent win at some point in the game this could add up to a lot of money just spinning some reels.

If you enjoy playing online slots games and you feel that the money you spend is good value for the entertainment you get from playing then that’s great, if not you might want to rethink which casino games you play.  If you want to continue playing then try to make the most out of any comps that are offered, for example, join the casino’s slots club and if you are playing in a land-based casino then make the most of free drinks, discount meals and show tickets.

If you are ever lucky enough to win a big jackpot then stop playing!  Once you have won once your chances of winning something big again are dramatically reduced so the best way to continue winning is to stop playing and stop giving money to the house!


Slots GamblingFree Online Slots

Have you ever wanted to have a go at playing slots but not known where to go or not been sure about how to play and felt nervous about walking into a casino and having a go?  Well, the solution is out there in the form of online slots.  There are lots of online casinos that offer these games as part of their entertainment package and many of them allow players to try the games for free, for as long as they like.

These games are played on virtual slot machines, which are simply simulated versions of the real you don’t use real money so you can’t win or lose on these games.  So if you’re only playing for fun or you can’t afford to risk losing any money by playing for real you should stick to the free games. If you’re new to playing these games then it is well worth having a go at the free online versions first because this will give you an idea of how the game and any features work.  There will often be bonus rounds or mini-games in some versions of online slots and it can be useful to have an idea of how these work before you start playing for real.  That way you don’t waste any time or money making mistakes because you didn’t understand the way any bonus features work.

Online slots are becoming increasingly popular as they are easy to play, offer fast, fun entertainment and there is the chance to win fantastic jackpots in many casinos.  Even better than land-based casinos the online games often have better odds and you can play from the comfort of home!  You might not get the full casino atmosphere, but as a form of entertainment, you can access from your computer at home it certainly is fun.

Slots GamblingA Guide for Online Slots Play

Playing online slots is the next best thing to being at a casino playing live slots. The setup and feel bring the casino experience conveniently to your home. Most have options to allow playing the games for fun or by setting up an account to play the games for real money. Either way, the basic casino premise is the same.

This guide was created to make it easy to play online slots and to understand virtual slot play. You will learn the different types of slot machines, betting strategies and how they are programmed to pay.

To get started you will need access to the internet. There are many online casinos that feature slot games to play. Your next step is to find one that is reputable; meaning it practices fair gaming and keeps your finances safe by using a secure banking model for transactions.

The importance of fair gaming is the provision by casinos of making it possible for anyone to be able to win at any of the games being played. While an establishment’s use of secure banking is typically recognized by a green checkmark which is representative of the “e-verify” symbol. This acknowledges that funding is safe, legal, and protected.

The virtual casino site will ask for you to register and to set up an account. Setting up an account does not require funding it. Funding an account is only necessitated when you desire to play with real money in order to win cash.

Now comes the fun part of playing the games. You can choose whether you will play for fun or for cash. It is a smart choice to play for fun at first as it gives you an opportunity to see if you like the game before deciding to invest real money into it.

You’ll be able to see which winning combinations are required to win, what they are worth, and how often they may connect. Many slots with more reels and symbols have what is known as scattered pays which involve a certain number of matching symbols that don’t have to connect in order to payout.

Although a jackpot is what every winner wants to hit, there are some slots that offer bonus games. These games keep many a player striving towards a jackpot win. Bonus plays are fun games within a slot game. These bonus plays give a player free spins and rewards.

One thing that is important to note is that all slot machines are computers. The number of symbols on each reel is programmed into the slot machine’s computer to ensure that the slot machine takes in enough money to pay out the jackpot when it is hit.

Some slot machines are animated and provide unique enjoyment. These games are recognized as interactive games as they interact with the players. Other slot machines may consist of poker card games, keno, or symbols such as sevens or fruit. Whichever type of slot you choose to play will have the instructions on how the pay are set up.

The various types of slots are categorized into three styles. They are seen as one line pays, multiple lines pays, and progressive pays. These styles are fairly self-explanatory. Depending on how much you want to win will determine how much you will invest per bet. The highest payouts will be gained by playing progressive slots.

Progressive slots are much like playing the lotto. This is because they are programmed to connect to slot machines that can span across the world with thousands of players contributing to the increase of a sole jackpot amount. This jackpot will be high and will be won in time by one winner. There are also local progressive slots that comparatively build smaller jackpots.

Whichever slots you ultimately decide to play, there are some steps you may want to take to make sure you play smart and have a fun time. Before you play for money, play for fun. If the casino offers a sign-on bonus, use the funding to see how a particular slot pays out.

Make sure that you pay attention to how much the max payoff is for any slot machine. Stay focused and watch how much you are paying to play. Don’t pay more money in than the possibility of the number of credits to be won permits. Play smart and know when to move to a different machine.

You need to know that there isn’t a way to deceive a slot machine to gain a winning edge. Yet there are some machines that pay out more frequently than others. These are known as loose slots versus tight slots. They can be found on the outer areas of casinos and are set up in this manner to heighten player attraction.

When betting on the slots, if your goal is to win money, always bet the max. This will provide the best in entertainment the slot has to give, which is readily seen by an increased amount of bonus plays and payouts. But more importantly, for whatever reason, you decide to play the slots, remember to have fun.