Poker GamblingA Quick Refresher for Your Poker Hands

There are a number of different ways that the game of poker can be played. However, there are things that are common between the different gaming types, one of which is the hand rankings that are applied to the final results. This is a good place to start your poker education and the hand rankings are given below.

Royal Flush: A RF is the ultimate poker hand that can exist without the use of wild cards. A royal flush occurs when a player obtains the sequence of 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace with all five cards in a matching suit.

Straight  Flush: (SF) is the hand which is 2nd highest in any poker game that does not include wild cards. In the hand called a  straight flush, there are five cards in appropriate sequence with all five cards belonging to matching suit. Ace can be high or low in the formation of the sequence, although it does represent an absolute endpoint at both ends of the rank spectrum.

4 OK: When a player has all 4cards of same rank in any poker deck, they have 4 same cards.

(FH)Full  House: A hand like this one only occurs when a player has 3cards of one rank and two of another in their hand.

A Flush:  When a hand like this occurs when a player has 4cards in matching suit in their hand. This is different from both a flush (straight ) and the much coveted (RF) royal flush because in a regular flush the cards don’t have to be in any particular order or connected whatsoever as long as they are all similarly suited.

Straight: this hand occurs when a player has five cards that are in sequential order, with Ace being either high or low in this scenario. This straight is different from both a SF and a RF because in a regular straight, the cards don’t have to be of the similarly suited for the hand to be valid.

Three OK: A player has three of same number or face card when they have 3cards of same rank in their hand.

Two Pair: A player has two pair when they have two sets of two cards within the same rank in their hand. For ex., if a player has two threes and two fours, they would count as having two pair. Two fives and two fives is not two pair, since that would be 4 matching cards (see above).

1Pair: A player that has any card repeated once in their hand has a pair.

HighCard: If a player does not have any of the above mentioned hands, then the card which is highest  in their hand represents the overall strength of that hand.

All of these hands are standard poker hands ranked in the standard order and are applicable to any game of poker that you play. If there are ties (i.e. should 2 players have 3 same cards and there are no higher hands in play), then the ties are settled by giving the win to the person with the cards ranking highest in their hand. The ranking starts with the part of their hand that is actually a poker hand and then continues onto extra cards if a tie still exists.

Poker GamblingOnline Casino Software Poker Rooms

Poker is an excellent activity and there are many reasons to pursue it with a high amount of enthusiasm. If you have already decided that you are going to play poker on a more frequent basis, then there are a number of places that you can go to accomplish that goal. The places below are general in nature and are not listed in any particular order.

Poker GamblingOnline Poker Rooms

There are hundreds of different online poker rooms in the world today and there are many more being added on a weekly basis as the boom in online and offline poker shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Online poker rooms are excellent sources of poker gaming because they provide immediate gaming within a few minutes of you logging onto your computer. They also allow you the choice of playing with tens of thousands of different opponents and that in turn can allow you to select the game that is best for you. Online poker rooms also frequently have better variant selection than typical offline poker rooms and that is yet one more reason to use them for your online gaming needs.

Poker GamblingLocal Card Rooms

If you are truly interested in playing poker and you do not want to play online for some reason, then your next best bet of getting a game soon would be to visit a local card room. Not all cities have local card rooms and even if they do many of them tend to lack advertising because of the questionable legality of playing poker in many areas of the developed world. Local card rooms are therefore hard to find, but fantastic sources of poker if you manage to find one that is close to you. There are people there that can help you out greatly in developing your game and there are also weak players that you can win against in order to build up your initial poker bankroll.

Poker GamblingLocal Casinos

If you do not have a local card room in your area that offers poker gaming on a regular basis, then you need to cast your net wider and start looking at any local casinos that might be in your areas. Casinos will often have one or two rooms devoted to poker since it can bring in a lot of money through raking tables and taking a cut from every pot that is built in one of their rooms. While the rakes can be heavy, there are also great poker playing opportunities at these local casinos. Local casinos are therefore an excellent source of poker gaming.

Poker GamblingNon-Local Casinos

If you are unlucky enough to live in an area without local casinos and card rooms and you still do not want to play online, you will need to travel to a place where poker playing does take place in order to get the action that you want. This often means a place known for gambling such as Las Vegas in the United States or Monte Carlo in Europe. This is a last resort however, since trips back and forth can get really expensive after awhile.

Poker GamblingPoker to be Expected in Casinos

Poker is an activity that has been pursued for centuries in different parts of the world and for different reasons. Because of this, it is perhaps no surprise to the average observer that many different types of poker have been created over that time. Many of the older types of poker are no longer heavily popular in the world while many types of poker that were practically dead a decade ago have been rejuvenated by the television boom the activity has experienced. While it would take a long time to discuss each type of poker that has ever been invented, some of the more common types in today’s world are introduced briefly below.

Poker GamblingTexas Hold ‘Em Poker

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, also known as hold ‘em for short, is definitely the most popular type of poker in the world today. It is played all over the world and it is the most popular game on all continents, so much so that the world poker champion is decided over a table where they play this particular poker game.

Simply speaking, hold ‘em starts with each player getting dealt two cards which will face down. After a session of bets, three community cards are dealt face up in the center of the table. A second session of betting ensues, before another card is dealt face up in the center of the table. Another session for betting ensures and another card is dealt before the final segment for bets takes place. The player holding the best five card poker hand between the two they have and the five community cards is the player that wins the hand and takes whatever is in the pot.

Poker GamblingOmaha Poker

After Texas Hold ‘Em, chances are pretty good that Omaha is the most popular type of poker left. In some places of Europe it actually does challenge hold ‘em for popular supremacy, but on a large scale it is a distant second place to hold ‘em because of the sheer popularity that the game happens to have.

Omaha is very similar to hold ‘em, except you have four cards dealt face down instead of two. There are still five cards dealt face up as community cards and the rounds of betting are the same. The other major difference is that the final five card poker hand that you make in Omaha must include exactly two cards from your four and three from the five community cards, resulting in a wholly different strategic approach to the game.

Poker GamblingSeven Card Stud Poker

The final type of poker that is really popular in the world today is Seven Card Stud Poker. This is perhaps the oldest form of poker still popular in the world today, as it has its origins in the older game of five card stud. In seven card stud, each gamer begins with two cards down and one card up. After a session for betting, each player seated at the table is dealt an additional card with face up. Each player continues to be dealt cards face up with betting rounds in between until each player has six cards in front of them. After another session for betting, the final card to each player will be dealt face down. A final session for bets occurs; before each player reveals their hands and the best five card poker hand wins.