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How to Play Craps

If you love playing table games at a casino, then you should probably have seen those crap tables. This exciting table game is a type of dice game where you need to place your bets and play the game by rolling dice. In fact, you will hear some yelling and screaming near all craps tables. The best part in this game is that everybody on the table can win together. This exciting game features several types of betting choices. However, before playing this game, you should understand the basics of this exciting table game.
Online Craps Gambling

Craps Basics

A craps table can have more than 20 players and 4 staffs. The table features some numbers and unfamiliar phrases. This is called the craps lingo. That means this game altogether has a different set of terms that you need to get familiar with. Although the game rules, table, and winning at a craps table looks tough, in reality, craps is a simple and exciting table game.
Online Craps Gambling

Craps Game overview

Casino craps, as you already know, is a type of dice game. This game is played on a specially designed table where two dices are used. The diced used for the game is routinely checked for any damage. This is to ensure that the dice is in good condition. Each casino replaces the dice with new ones after eight hours of usage. On the purpose built table, players will see some numbers, dices, and lingo. These all are specific to the game.

Online Craps GamblingHow to play Craps

The game starts when one of the players, also known as the Shooter, starts to bet. Based on the table’s minimum, the shooter has to roll the dice and place bets. The table minimum is decided for both the Pass Line and the Don’t Pass Line. After placing bets, the shooter received multiple dices from the Stickman. However, he is allowed to roll only two dice at a time. The shooter, then, has to return all remaining cubes to the Stickman’s Bowl. These extra dice will not be used in this game.
Online Craps Gambling

Craps Dice rolling rules

Rolling the dice is done by the shooter. The player should handle the dice with one hand only. Also, the rolled dice must hit the table walls on the opposite end. This is the basic rule of rolling the dice in craps. Each player playing at the craps tables gets a chance to throw the dice. Each craps table has several bets options. The casino crew at a craps table consists of four individuals: a Stickman, two dealers, and a Boxman.
Online Craps Gambling

Types of Craps Bets

The game continues as each player places bets and rolls dice. This game is played in rounds, which means each player gets a chance to throw during a single cycle that runs clockwise. If a player chooses not to roll the dice, he or she can still play by placing bets. Each round of the game has two phases known as Come Out and Point. When a shooter starts the game, he or she chooses the Come Out rolls. Usually, this type of roll includes 2, 3 or 12. This phase ends when the players lose their Pass Line bets. If the results in a Come Out roll is 7 or 11, then the player wins for Pass Line bets. The game continues until the shooter rolls 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. Once this phase gets over, the dealer then moves an On button to the point number chosen during the last set of dice rolling by the shooter. This signifies that the second phase of the game started.

Craps Betting

If the shooter rolls the point number chosen during the phase one, he wins for all bets on the Pass Line. With a seven-out, the shooter loses on the pass line bets. This is when the round ends. After the end of second phase, a new game begins with another Come Out roll. A Come Out roll can only be made if the previous shooter couldn’t make a winning roll during the last game. That means if there is no Seven-Out during the last game, then a new Come Out Roll starts.

When the second game starts, a new shooter rolls the dice. However, if the previous shooter was able to make a seven-out, then the stickman returns the dice to him. He then starts the new game with a new Come Out roll. Although this roll is a continuation of the shooter’s roll, a new game actually starts after the winning roll. If the shooter fails to make a point during the roll, then the dice is offered to the next player. Each time a new Come Out roll starts when the shooter changes.
Online Craps Gambling

Understanding the Craps Table Layout

Players roll the dice across the craps table layout. The purpose built table’s unique layout is divided into three main areas, including one center, and two side areas. Each side area on the layout contains Odd Bets, Place Bets, Pass and Don’t pass line bets, Come and Don’t Come bets, and Field bets. Unlike the side areas, the center area is shared by both side areas. This area only features the Proposition bets.

craps-table-casinoThis central area meant for proposition bets or one-roll bets allow the players to bet on a specific roll. There is another section that says “Field.” This area is for one-roll bets. Players win on Pass bets when the dice roll result is 7 or 11. If the Come out roll is 2,3, or 12, the player loses on Pass Bet. Similarly, Don’t bets win if the dice roll is 2 or 3 and loses on 7 or 11. On 12, the Don’t bets tie. This rule varies from casinos to casinos. Those wish to bet on the thrower can check is if the “On button” is on a point number. Only then, other players can join the game and place his bets. Craps is undoubtedly a very exciting and interesting game. If you visit a casino next time, don’t miss the chance to play this enjoyable table game.