How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat is a simple card game that is derived from the French card game known as Chemin de Fer. In the French version of the game, players wager between themselves, and you must either be a player or a banker to be able to bet. The house, or the casino, has no involvement with any betting, they simply facilitate the game.

Outside of France, when playing baccarat, people either bet on the player or the banker, or on a tie, which is also called a standoff. You do not have to play to make a bet.

The main rule of the game is the hand with the closest combination to the number nine, wins. Baccarat is also called Punto Banco, which means player or banker, a term derived from the Portuguese speaking island of Macau, where baccarat is played feverishly by many Asians.


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Baccarat GamblingThe Baccarat Deck

In most casinos and online games, the bank deals. On occasion, there are casinos that also allow players to deal. Online games have an automatic, virtual dealer. The game is usually played with an eight-deck shoe, but there are some six-deck shoes.

Baccarat GamblingBaccarat Card Values

All cards are worth their face value; a five is worth five points. Aces are worth one point. Tens and face cards are all worth zero points.

Baccarat GamblingThe Game of Baccarat

The banker and the player are dealt two cards each that are face down. They both check their hand, and the player that is dealing reveals each hand. A casino dealer or an online virtual dealer will announce the winning hand. A third card can be dealt depending on a list of rules that are already integrated into the game.

When all dealing is done, including third card deals, the hand with the highest card count is the winner. The casino dealer or online virtual dealer will discard losing bets then payout the winning bets.

Baccarat GamblingStyles of Baccarat at a Casino

There are typically three types of baccarat tables: Big Table, Mini and Midi.

Big Table Baccarat is generally played in a separate section in a roped off section of the casinos. The players are dressed to the nines, and the minimum bets are significantly higher-end. There are as much as 14 players in Big Table Baccarat, with several casino dealers on hand. Stylistically, it is similar to the French style of Chemin de Fer.

A Mini Baccarat game takes place on the main casino floor, and the main difference is the game tends to move much faster. On occasion, it is played with a six-deck shoe.

Midi Baccarat is exactly the same as Mini, except the table is larger and the game more exclusive.

Baccarat GamblingBaccarat Rules

The winning hand is based on a single digit value that is closest to nine. If the hand has a double-digit value, then the right number is dropped. For example, in a hand that totals 15, the one is dropped and five is the value of the hand. A third card might be played based on rules that are automatically established within the game.

Baccarat GamblingThird Card Rules

The player’s hand goes first. If the player’s hand has a total that ranges from zero to five, then the player draws a third card. The banker also draws if the hand is from zero to five if the player stands on his two-card hand.

If the player draws a third card, then all hands are based off this third card with these following rules:

1. If the player’s third card is two or three, the banker must draw when they have a zero to four, and stays with a five to a seven.
2. If the player’s third card is a four or five, the bankers must draw when they have a zero to five, and stays with a six to a seven.
3. If the player’s third card is a six or seven, the banker must draw when they have a zero to six, and stays with a seven.
4. If the player’s third card is an eight, the banker must draw when he has a zero to two, and stays with a three to seven.
5. If the player’s third card is a nine, ten, an Ace or a face card, the banker must draw when they have a zero to a three, and stays with a four to a seven.

Baccarat GamblingThe Natural

If either the player or the banker has a hand that totals an eight or a nine with their first two cards, this is called a natural win, and the game is over.

Baccarat GamblingThe Bets

All bets are made before any hand is dealt. Players either bet on the bank’s hand, the player’s hand or on a tie. The pay-off is even money, except when there is a tie, which pays 9:1. Casinos charge a commission on banker bets, typically at five percent. It is an established fact that the banker will win three to four hands more than the player with an eight-deck shoe. That is the justification for the commission on a banker bet.

Baccarat is a fairly simple game to play. Even if you do not feel confidant enough to play, you can still participate by watching and betting.