Gambling Expansion Opposed

Gambling Expansion Opposed

There is no question that US authorities have been moving to crackdown on gambling activities within the country, citing some of the most arcane and obsolete distinctions possible in certain cases in order to get indictments against different people. And to a large degree, they have been successful in what has been speculated on as a coordinated attack against gambling institutions in the country. Whether it is a coordinated attack or not is beyond the scope of this news article, but there is one group of gambling institutions that the government has not dared attack and those institutions are gambling institutions that were created by Native Americans. Native American gambling institutions enjoy unique privileges in the US legal justice system and for that reason there are very few legal representatives of the government that are willing to take one on.

However, for reasons that have nothing to do with the US crackdown on gambling activities, the recent expansion of the Seminole Tribe’s casino game of blackjack across the state of Florida appears to have forced the hands of a very powerful coalition of entities within that state. The first of these entities is the top lawyer in the state of Florida, also known as the attorney general of Florida. The man’s name is Bill McCollum and he has urged the taking of action against what he has described as being an illegal expansion of Seminole gambling operations in the state that is directly counter to a legal agreement that was invalidated in court and therefore should have meant the stopping of such expansions.

While Bill McCollum, being a state representative, does not actually have any legal authority to forward the matter in the courts because the casinos in question are on land that is sovereign to the Indian Tribe, he wrote a letter to a US attorney named Richard Albritton in an attempt to get some federal intervention on behalf of the state of Florida. The US attorney does have legal authority and jurisdiction to press forward such a legal pursuit, but whether or not he is actually going to do that is another matter entirely. The general counsel for the Seminole Tribe is arguing that the nullification that happened in court did not actually forbid them from expanding, but rather nullified the deal that had been put in place beforehand and therefore only required that a new deal be made and not that the expansion of their own version of blackjack be stopped.

However, many local gambling institutions disagree with that interpretation, citing the fact that the nullification was done in order to protect their businesses from the Seminole gambling institutions and their encroachment on the rest of the market. With the tribe moving forward anyway, it appears as though these businesses are going to suffer even more and their argument is that the court never intended that particular thing to happen. So, even while government authorities are trying to crackdown on gambling, it appears as though gambling institutions are also fighting each other. The battle lines get harder to see with each passing day.

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