Gambling as a Profession

Gambling as a Profession

There are a number of different news items regarding gambling as a profession in modern newspapers and indeed these stories for the most part are following stories that have been building up for years on this particular topic. It seems that no matter where you go in the world today there are people making their living from gambling in one form or another and when we discuss people making their living from online or offline gambling, we are not talking about people that run the sites and buildings.

For some people, gambling as a profession is something that has become very lucrative. We can easily cite here the people that make money by winning blackjack tournaments as well as the people that make money through winning any other gambling tournament you can think of. Playing against the house is a long-term losing proposition but when you start playing against others playing against the house in tournament format, you can make money on the differential between your knowledge of the game and theirs. Online and offline gambling tournaments through various casino games have made millions of dollars in entry fees for the casinos and turned others into millionaires almost overnight.

Another way in which a person can make money through gambling is if they were to start playing video poker. There are a few types of video poker such as a few Deuces Wild variants that have theoretical payouts that are 100% if you play perfect strategy. When these payouts are added together with a 5% cash back that some casinos offer, the overall theoretical yield is 105%. Getting to that yield in practice is very difficult to do, but for people that have the ability it is a stream of income that is inexhaustible and continuous. It is in fact a fantastic way to make a living for people that can get it done.

Still another way to make a living by gambling as a profession is through the use of online and offline poker. Poker is the one game in the casino that is not governed by playing against the house and for this reason you can easily make money from the game if you make better decisions than your opponents. Gambling as a profession was initially started by poker players and it was of course an amateur online poker player winning the biggest poker tournament on Earth way back in 2003 that started the modern gambling craze.

While gambling as a profession has become very big for the economies of many of the world’s countries, there are also people that are hesitant to hail gambling as a big success because of the predilection to gambling that many people end up having. Some people just can not seem to control themselves and end up gambling all of their life savings away. For this reason, gambling is still a very hot button topic in many of the world’s communities and with gambling as a profession this feeling is even more pronounced.

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