Galfond’s Decision Paying Off

Poker FestivalGalfond’s Decision Paying Off

It was obvious this week that Phil Galfond played the right card in moving to Canada to continue his professional online poker career.

This weekend alone saw Galfond rake in $452,000. He took most of his winnings from Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, who was beating out regulars and then losing his winnings to Galfund.

Since his migration north, Galfond has brought in over $1 million in profits, despite starting out this year in the negative.

Galfond is now number three on ranks online players by their profits. Galfond’s nearly $8 million in winnings propelled him ahead of Di “Urindanger” Dang. However, he is still way behind Patrick Antonius’ winnings of about $12 million and Phil Ivey’s $19 million.

Galfond is among a number of online professional players who have left the United States since April to continue in their online poker profession.

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