French Online Gambling Tax Creates an Unfair Marketplace

French Online Gambling TaxFrench Online Gambling Tax Creates an Unfair Marketplace

It should come as no surprise that there are more than a few online gambling companies that are annoyed with the French government’s near 9% tax on all stakes from bets. While larger companies like William Hill and Betfair could survive within that high taxed market, for many others it would create an unfair market to conduct their business.

Online Gambling Taxation in France

This is why the larger online betting companies are banding together and requesting that the French taxation regime consider a more logical and fair environment for online gambling in that nation.

Tax Reformation and Online Gambling

Unfortunately, the French Minister for Budget has made it very clear that tax reformation regarding online gambling would not happen in 2011. Even with this somber news, online gambling companies plan to push forward with productive and realistic suggestions for how the government and online gambling operators can work together and create a thriving market rather than one that is ultimately set up to fail.

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