Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas the Place to Be

Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas the Place to Be

Las Vegas is certainly a city with a lot to offer the traveler. It is colloquially known as the gambling capital of the world, but many people would also call it the tourism capital of the world since in recent decades Las Vegas has really branched out away from gambling and created total tourism experiences that involve excellent accommodations, fantastic shows and great tours that you can get through Las Vegas and some of the other nearby areas as well. When all of that is put together, the result is a city that is really one of the general vacation capitals of the world and for that reason there are usually rave reviews about at least one of the various aspects of Las Vegas happening in a tourism journal at any one given point in time.

However, the current situation is a little bit unique, because there are many people pointing out the positive aspects of the Fremont Street Experience. Fremont Street is the name of a road in Las Vegas that roughly runs east to west. It is a road that intersects South Las Vegas Boulevard and has a handful of resorts and casinos on it, so while those resorts are within walking distance of the Las Vegas Strip, they are not technically on it. A good example of a famous resort that is on Fremont Street would be the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, which happens to also be the place where many of the most exclusive poker television programs in the world were filmed. If you watched Poker Superstars II at the Golden Nugget Hotel, you may already know what the Fremont Street Experience has to offer, but the reviews that are happening regarding the experience right now are presenting it to different audiences as if it were the greatest thing in Las Vegas.

What is even more remarkable about the current situation vis-à-vis the Fremont Street Experience is that the large influx of positive reviews regarding the experience does appear to be completely random. For example, there are many new websites about Las Vegas launching and many new brochures being given out to people, all of which describe the Fremont Street Experience as being one of the best outdoor lighting spectacles you could ever hope to see in your life. In addition to that however, Fremont Street is going to be part of the gigantic New Years party that goes on in Las Vegas and because of that it is also getting mentioned in many seasonal reviews that discuss what you can do in the city of Las Vegas during the holiday season. Once again, these reviews are completely coincidental to the others and are really happening for two completely different reasons.

In spite of the coincidental rather than organized nature of all these positive Fremont Street Experience reviews, the truth of the matter appears to be that they are correct. The Fremont Street Experience is on the must see Las Vegas list for most people and by all accounts it is a truly remarkable experience.

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