Frank Will Return FTP Contribution if Trio Found Guilty

barney-frank-on-full-tilt-scandalFrank Will Return FTP Contribution if Ferguson, Furst and Lederer Found Guilty

US Representative Barney Frank, champion of online gambling legalisation has been taking some heat for campaign contributions that were made by the FTP trio Lederer, Furst and Ferguson. Other names mentioned yesterday were Senator Reid and President Obama.

Poker and Mortgage Fraud

In a rather obscure and somewhat incorrect deflection, Mr. Frank was quoted as saying that “US Attorneys haven’t done enough about mortgage fraud” after saying that the FTP investigation was a waste of resources. Many would disagree with Mr. Frank’s comments as this investigation has led to substantial evidence that the company was defrauding its customers. Even though Mr. Frank commented that he would return the contributions if the trio were found guilty, in combination with other comments regarding the matter, Mr. Frank, the greatest champion of the cause, could not pose a serious liability to legalisation efforts.

FTP and Barney Frank Contribution

Barney Frank isn’t the only political Titan that has accepted contributions from an industry deemed illegal by his country however, he is the one with the most to lose in terms of championed causes. Mr. Frank did make a redeeming comment when he said that his views were strengthened by the allegations made against FTP because it just goes to show that the industry needs to be regulated by the government.

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