Flip-Flops on Gambling by US Lawmaker

US Government Online Gambling LawsFlip-Flops on Gambling by US Lawmaker

The United States is one of the most interesting yet paradoxical gambling markets in the history of the world. There has never been a particular market that was so enthralled with the exercise of gambling yet had such a low opinion of it at the same time. There are people all over the country that love gambling but do not want a gambling institution near them because of their fears concerning all types of things they view gambling as bringing to their particular market. People associate all of the sins known to man with gambling as a discipline and for that reason have the not in my backyard attitude when it comes to gambling. At the same time however the field of gambling is not without its own flip-flops that show just how confusing things can get in the United States and a recent case has only served to accentuate that point even more.

The person is Hank Sanders. Sanders is a state senator for Alabama and a member of the state Democratic Party. In the year 2008 he set a very impressive record as far as most people are concerned by executing one of the biggest flip-flops any politician has ever done on a single issue.

In April of this year there was a debate before the upper house of the Alabama state legislature. In this debate was discussion regarding rules for bingo in Greene County. The rules were in place to prevent the spread of the gambling activity in that county and the state senate was in session to debate whether changing those rules to allow bingo halls to inhabit greater areas within the country was an appropriate thing to do. During that particular debate, Sanders was not only opposed to changing those rules during that debate but was actually one of the main parties responsible for blocking the legislation that others attempted to pass towards that end. He was vehemently opposed to the expansion of gambling activities within Greene County specifically because of what he said was the negative influence that gambling had on the state of Alabama. Now that part of things was not particularly surprising as it is what many people in the country believe. What was truly shocking was what happened just a couple of months ago.

In September, the Eatman School Alumni Association decided that in September it wanted to open a bingo hall that would allow it to compete with Greenetrack, the major bingo hall in Greene County. This would not be possible under the resolution of the legislation that was reached in April but lo and behold who should rise up to defend the group than a certain Democratic senator Hank Sanders. Not only is he defending this particular group in their effort to gain the license, but he is also doing it pro bono because the corporation can not afford to pay him at the current moment in time. Why he is doing it is a mystery at this point, but in lieu of him answering questions on the topic it does appear to be a flip-flop of truly mind-boggling proportions.

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