Female Online Punters on the Rise Says mFortune Mobile Casino

The latest online gambling data about customer preferences, demographics and behavior as shared by leading UK mobile casino mFortune is the rising number of women punters accessing online and mobile casino games.

Based on data compiled over the last 12 months and up to the present, the mobile casino website noted that the upward trend in the number of female players dabbling in casino games is quite impressive and continuing. Size Indicators show that nearly half of the aggregate numbers of players downloading mFortune’s mobile games are women.

Still, compiling growth data is not enough, as knowing the reasons and the drivers will enable the mobile casino site to offer casino games that could serve both sides of the gender division.

Their analysis shows that there are more women players dabbling in bingo because such games are largely associated to female players. On the other hand, men players by nature are more inclined to confine their games to those that are male associated, as they have a strong tendency to stay away from games generally perceived as feminine choices. Yet women players can enjoy the best of both worlds, since playing with male-associated games and achieving success in a male dominated field poses a greater challenge, and therefore brings greater satisfaction.

Another factor considered is the more relaxed gaming environment of an online or mobile casino as far as women players are concerned. Most women who are not too comfortable in playing with casino table games in land-based gambling venues, can always access such games in an online or mobile casino so they can play in a less intimidating atmosphere.


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