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Fast Poker is such a fantastic way to play poker online. It is considered the latest thing ever to hit the world of online poker. To go more into the details of Fast Poker, it is basically a way that would allow you to play poker as fast as you can. Fast Poker would make you engage in a new hand right after you finish your old one after only a few seconds.


To show the difference, in normal cash poker games, the player would sit in a table that has from 2 to 6 players and it would be the same players until a play leaves and a new one joins instead. In Fast Poker it’s very different, as it pays more focus on the player pools. Once the hand is played, the player will be transferred into another table where the hand has just been dealt versus new opponents.  Players will even get the chance to fold the hand if he doesn’t like it without the knowledge of the other players. This revolutionary type of playing poker have eliminated the need for players to play in multiple tables in the same time as Fast Poker would allow the players to play more hands in the same period of time.

Fast Poker


In order to celebrate the release of this new type of playing poker, Fast Poker, Unibet has announced its newest promotion and bonus. This promotion by Unibet contains two bonuses. The first bonus will amount up to 200 Euro reward bonus that is going to be available for all the players. This bonus works by racking 5 Euro for each 25 Euros in the player’s account. This bonus has a maximum limit which is equals 200 Euros. Players will also have 2 months to gather the 200 Euros bonus, which wouldn’t be any problem with the fast instant hands that players can get in a short period of time.


The second bonus is a 10 Euro No Deposit Bonus, but this bonus isn’t available to all players as only the first 4000 players to register and play Fast Poker would be eligible for this bonus. This 10 Euro will be transformed to real money if the player succeeds in racking 10 Euro in his account on the course of sixty days.

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