Fantasy Football and Online Gambling

Online Sports BettingAccording to a study carried out by FanDuel, Nigel Eccless stated that almost 40 % of grown up men who are between the ages of 18 and 35 tend to play fantasy football or other fantasy sport games. These numbers made this sector a very lucrative one for companies that has the needed experience for such operation accompanied by the needed content. FandDuel has what it takes, as business is growing for the company. It is growing rapidly that it had to expand by doubling up on the number of staff in Edinburgh and has recently opened an 8 person office in the US to manage the extra amount of work that resulted from the growth of the business.

FanDuel provides its clients with fantasy games that allows for betting to be done online. Despite the fact that it involves online wagering, but it is exempted from the strict rules, regulations and laws of the United States that are concerned with online gambling. This is due to the fact that this fantasy sport game is considered a game of skill rather than a game of chance, so it is basically not gambling, thus exempted from the online gambling laws. FanDuel doesn’t only offer its clients football fantasy games, but it offers other sports as well such as ice hockey, basketball and baseball.

The company was first established in order to facilitate bets on the outcome of different news; this was back in 2008 and it was branded HubDub. The whole fantasy sport betting concept was added to the business in 2010. The company takes 10% of the entry fees, these entry fees usually vary between 1 dollar and 500 dollars for each player.

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